Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Mountain still muddy

Quick morning ride before weekend of baseball games. Rode with Mark Stanley, Surprised with the warm temps how much moisture is still up there. We found some tacky trails but also a few muddy sections (ride through it people not around it!) Very easy to call it a day after the first climb with the light rain and mud, but decided best to climb it again and look for some drier trail. Summit loop was surprisingly in good shape, so reversed it and headed back down on box o rox always good to climb bor and descend it !

Looking forward to some drier trail conditions around the front range soon!

Finally Rode Picture Rock

Got up for a thursday daytime ride! Temps were nice and warm. First time up at Heil Ranch, nice warm up climb then off to the rocky descent to the lookout. Finally getting in Erics birthday ride after snow put a damper on it last weekend. (except for his 60 mile solo fixie ride) Some more fun swoopy singletrack to another rocky descent on wild turkey hooking up with picture rock. This is a sweet trail, rocky up top fast and flowy at the bottom. Had to get the old car picture. Then on to Hall Ranch around nelson loop and back to picture rock. Nice gradual climb out of the valley then feeling it up top. Another rocky descent back to the TH. totalling 35 miles with +3840' of climbing. Good Ride!!

Thanks for the water eric!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Where to ride? Checking all options within 2 hrs. of driving!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scenic route

Just a quiet commute home, beautiful evening! Yes, that is the bike with gears!

Friday, April 10, 2009

another trip to BC

Black n white enjoyin the ride!

Eric, maddy, Chris and i the t.i.t.s. crew for this Thursday eve!

Nice to be ridin after not being on a bike much lately, couple road rides here and there and a short commute to work. Good climbs tonight legs def. feeling sluggish on 2nd climb. Bike was rolling good after new wheel. Trails in great shape very little mud. 18 miles of fun!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ok, we need the moisture

I get it! t.i.t.s. ride on thurs. was taken to path and roads. Still a nice 17 mile spin with a few of the normal group. Rode through bear creek lake park and hit some path winding back through lakewood. Bike is rolling smoothly again, so far. Baseball snowed out which means an extra day of work on sat.

Short roadie ride this am, little underdressed but nice to get on a bicycle again!

Have a great week!