Saturday, January 30, 2010

finding the legs

Hit up a little piece of rocky fun down south near my job in castle rock. The hidden mesa open space park. Not a destination ride or anything big but definately some fun riding! Alot of trail damage from horses and bikes. Located near alot of horse property their local trail is easily accessible, but it really needed more time to dry out! The day i rode everything was dry and anything muddy was frozen enough not to cause any further damage.

This is some of the fun rock riding down south. short but fun.

Next up was the t.i.t.s. ride on GM with some of the crew. Nabbed a photo from Jeremy here notice that is my Amoeba set up in that shot.
It was a little bit frosty this evening but temps were very mild. Even hot on the climbs. Jeremy has been on his 5 day a week training schedule for his upcoming tour of local races. Which means i just let him go i'll be up there when i get there. And in a month or so i'll be on his wheel again at least on the climbs!

Saturday brought even warmer temps (which meant job can wait till monday to finish! sorry Klaus!) and dry trail a phrase that has not been used around these parts much this winter. Sure there has been rideable shit you just have to go do it. which as of late i have slacked on!
My legs started coming around today as lubes and i kind of retraced our route from the other night in hopes of finding a couple lost items from the other night. I think sunlight and blue sky are huge motivators, for me at least. Below is the section of box o rox that has really needed work for a long time and some sort of reroute and bridge construction. I have the ball rolling to adopt this section of trail and get out and do some trail maintenance. Gonna be recruiting some of you to join in as well!

May have found my legs but my technical ability has gone to shit! Confidence is lacking and just the natural ability to let go of the brakes and roll stuff. It will come back just need to let it happen. Resist the urge to grab a handful of brake!
Just enjoying riding with good folks and meeting a few new ones.

Friday, January 22, 2010

No nancy for me!

I didn't win the Entropy bikeworks "nancy" frame lastnight at the COMBA meeting. But helped to support a good cause with comba. Didn't catch all of the meeting as cody had a game and scored the game winner in a 2-0 win over Arvada!

Not a whole lot of riding as of late, one t.i.t.s. ride last thurs. through bear creek lake park and then a spin up in bc from cary's house on wed. night. that ended up workin me a bit. Trails were mostly packed snow and some dirt -yeah! Was dragging a bit no excuses- my own fault!

This weekend possibly heading to leadville for 1st. snowrace, maybe ride pueblo, maybe bobcat ridge, or buckle down and work on the weekend. Not for sure yet.

happy riding!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back from MN

Quick note to say congrats to Cody's team! Another 3rd. place in a tournament in Anoka MN. We had 2 scrimmages which one was ridiculous, refs let everything go and that team was not even playing hockey just out to head hunt. Not hockey for sure!

Then they won the first game and we played the number 7 ranked team in MN (out of 100 or so teams) at the PW level. Tied them and went to overtime and they won 3-2. That was a victory in our book as that was one of the best games we have played. Then played for 3rd. place and won that game 3-0.

Boys got to play a little pond hockey at the local pit. Really cool!

Monday, January 4, 2010

41 and 2010

New Years eve ride/ birthday ride/ Then New Years Day ride. Really wanted to dust off the tele gear and get up to butler. But that wasnt gonna happen. So Scott and i met in bergen park and indulged in a little packed down goodness! Thanks to all the hikers and shoers for packin down the trails and making em Sweet!

Scott showing that he likes his jugs!

Yep trails were pretty much like this! with a little dirt thrown in here and there.

mGe showing his speed on anything that points downhill!
Past some nice folks out hikin in the new year!

Yeah, glad i got the iron gym for christmas!! simple pull ups and push ups would do me some good. i can finally do a push up actually about 10 and shoulder is feeling much better. But back is still sore.

Hard to put 09 into words and pictures but met alot of really cool people and did some ass kicking rides- Spikefest, tour of Georgetown, All the t.i.t.s. night rides have been really cool and met more people with these! Looking forward to 2010 and all the riding to be had! I'm not one on many resolutions but ride more is always one of them!