Monday, January 30, 2012

When in doubt - smile

3 sisters in the snow makes people smile!
who would not smile riding this bike!

michelle discovered the joys of riding snowpack singletrack!
so the approach was a little sketchy- thats what rocks are for!
t.i.t.s. night rides - good times!

bob just happy the ice did not take him down
Fat bob held this together and managed some trials moves to get back on the hard pack!
what is not to smile about being here
yep - smile
some hike a bike is good for the soul

ran into an old family friend - horses make her smile
ice flowing like lava over trails requires finesse and balance and if you dont have it- your ass hits the deck - hard!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

While the high country suffers

Trails down here stay snowpacked and fun! - With lots of foot traffic- comes ice!

Which demands a weighted rear wheel- penalty for standing- immediate loss of traction and a possible handlebar to the teeth. So leg power begins to build on days like this!

What is normally a routine switchback- becomes a move of finesse and strength.
LUbes homeade pogies

Couple days ago at Meyer - rides are not long -or a ton of climbing- but the fun factor outweighs all of that!

a 69'd out monkey does the job!

A little vid my daughter worked hard to make for me from the Beerd Belly Ride

Beerd Belly Ride 2012! from PBR on Vimeo.

thank you katelyn!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Got Beerd?

Some snow rides ! keeping it upright is good stuff!
Some rideable- some not so much- but all good!
Scouting out the beerd belly route proved to be a good idea- and a great hike with lubes- thank you for the birthday beers!!
I managed to get out -solo at meyer ranch and such a fun ride! not a long trail but the right ingredients to produce a big smile! While my son was in LA for a hockey tourney i had a great birthday with the rest of my family - and later cods gave me what i asked for - a goal and the hard hat! way to go!
I managed to stay out of this- nice and peaceful in the trees!
3rd annual beerd belly ride had 19 or so another joined mid ride.
The mandatory belly shot!
Bad andy packed in and hid some buried treasure- the group approved! That was easily the best tasting pbr i have ever had!
Huge turnout this year- nice warm day! far cry from the last two years in the single digits! conditions were perfect and nothing but fun was had!

I was given gifts - a duct tape pbr flask! thanks terry you the man!

It is time to kick off a new season of night rides and long days in the saddle and hopefully an overnighter or three!