Friday, March 25, 2011

Run to the Hills!

BC for last weeks t.i.t.s. ride was a long night! Played with a gopro for a bit- night shots didnt turn out.

BC t.i.t.s. night ride from PBR on Vimeo.

Here is the punched up and edited version with additional footage: edited by mGe!

BC was looking real good! snow in the trees of course but all rideable!
Got a later start and drove home in blizzard sideways snow bs! was a rough one- great st. patty's ride though!!

Job was becoming a cluster f*ck- so i packed up my tools and headed to evergreen- not sure what the conditions would be had about 2hrs. to find out and liked what i found! few snowy patches but all rideable. Dabbed on 3sis descent and lost a brake spring- but a good solid loop. Ready to get back up there real soon!!
This view never gets old!
er..this view!

sometimes i need motivation in the form of the varied colorful sugary carbs

Then there is green mtn. sometimes even mike n ike's can't motivate- or even stranny's- but with a group of t.i.t.s. riders who count on you to come up with a route every thursday that is different from all others- we came up with a route allright straight into the wind! stop you in your tracks wind- cause havoc on firefighters wind!
That is about all i have to say about lastnights ride! -but once out of the wind and down in jeremys traverse all was eerily quiet and the pounding in the ears was overwhelming and messed with all balance and control.

Gotta pound out some work in the next 5-6 days then its some much needed family time and they suggested moab- so count me in!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Captain Jacks - and - some Salsa!

Jeremy talked me into some more springs riding- glad he did- Ive got a permanent reminder of my last ride down that direction. - but that did not hamper me today! Ive got a new bike to start getting used to!

Sean on the corkscrew? i couldnt quite turn it over to make the 3rd switch but was cleaning most of the short steeps. Gear feels real good and the bike climbs well!
This was our point to take a left for more singletrack!
Kip guided us around his backyard for his morning ride! thanks kip

More old closed tunnels as we made our way up to St. Marys.

Which consisted of some spring corn
and eventually led to some hike a bike- ok - a good stretch of hike a bike in those lower trees.
But the reward was a boblsed run down a mostly snow- ice covered trail with just enough dirt showing to get on the brakes. Ice was soft enough the it was possible for the Captain to grab without slippage! What a great front tire that Captain is turning out to be! ;)
(couple misc. photos "borrowed" from mge)

After this descent was the point where i needed to break from the group and head home- The descent on capn Jacks was a hoot-the threat of oncoming motos hung in the back of my head but only encountered 2 near the top.

Twisted around a bit at the end of the ride and eventually found the TH where i parked- with a minor detour of some offshoots.

Friday, March 11, 2011

El Mar

Broke in the el mariachi lastnight on the weekly t.i.t.s. ride! For those that say tits? well it started as "Today Is Thursday Sweet"! it has been a downhill trend ever since! no pun intended! ;)

this bike is lighter than the ol bianchi 69er- climbs great- or i had new bike stoke going but only one in front was nick who was running a gear ive only seen little e run up the mtn! The power transfer is flawless! A few minor tweaks and it will be dialed in - first thing to go is that speed V saddle- ugh it may have been ok at one time but it felt like a big ol diaper under my ass!
Runnin the niner steel fork- powdercoated by BFN industries
This slider setup kicks ass!
Typical green mtn view at night!
Ride details

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PBR's rollin big wheels!

After a long await the frame finally showed at the shop yesterday!

Late night build- minor adjustments made- test ride tonight!

(thanks to all who donated parts- jerry thanks for the mechanical skills) - not sure if i can keep it as clean as your bikes! ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Butler Gulch - first tracks

andy k. and i made first tracks up the road geared up quick- a check of the beacons and were on our way!

Didn't quite beat sunrise but pretty close, so peaceful to skin up in the trees.

a nice easy mellow rolling approach
many options once you get up into butler gulch-
way up in that saddle to the west was the high point for a different ride last summer up to 13250'- lotso hike a bike!

andy was happy to be out in the backcountry
next time were gonna trade skis for a run- i want to try these Scotty Bobs made in silverton, CO.

soft snow and untracked unlike last time up!
again i chose to get more turns per climb- andy chose a more graceful approach- his turns looked sweet!

Here is the only piece of vid i got- rest is on andy's camera but im tryin to get that knee down!

Butler Gulch from Kevin Noel on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blow Me Down!

another windy night up on the green (er) brown hill for the weekly t.i.t.s. ride- and i say windy loosely. As in a previous post james peak was down right gusting. Then we get hit square in the face with F-5 winds. ok.....ive never lived in tornado country.......but i have had two brutal rides on gm with the wind- one was so bad i had to pedal down the fire road and could only get up to 5mph! no joke

Thursday night was no different- almost said F- it and turned around, but i had demo lights out being used and didnt want to be a puss. So trudged on- glad i did- once we got to lower box o rox things calmed down some. then rest of the ride was great! lesson learned dont be such a sally!

Nice little solo spin on GM this am nothing big just some miles.

Got the Stans set up tubeless with some specialized tires- just waiting on the el mar to show up! then dug through Jerry's parts bin for some bits i need to finish the build. (thanks jerry!) little frustrating when there is one in stock about 15 min. west of me and mine has taken over a month to get in. oh well.......

hope you get outside and enjoy the day!