Sunday, July 24, 2011

I love Colorado but.........

But the beach is a pretty good place to chill......

Katelyn looks pretty well at home in CA

Sorry for the mangeled ear in the pic!
Congrats to my son for making a AAA hockey club- he got to be on the beach for his BD and got him a sweet longboard- i got to pull him along the boardwalk while he carved and looked cool. It was my training- normally he'd be pulling me! but his bd i cut him some slack! - Some well deserved family time! in one of our favorite places!

saw this guy every day on the boardwalk- (not my vid)- this is slow mo man.

Ate here alot! and we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant

next to casa bonita of course....

The usual t.i.t.s. ride 3 sis was a fun evening

Carey made it out on his folding bike- which he travels the country by motorhome while pretending to be working.

My payment for a light demo- sorry jay.... i'll reap the rewards you keep building a kick ass product!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ode to the Burger!

Spikefest '11 -3rd year for me did not dissapoint!

I missed the early departure for the fridays pub ride- so i did my own short version. A quick jaunt from camp brought me to the top of boreass.

With probably some of the best trail i have shared with the el mar! Quiet- tacky goodness- and just plain ol solitude!

Then sat. comes with a shuttle up to kenosha- with some of the normal riff raff that i call my friends! And a few new ones as well.
e blazed on up in typical fashion- i believe he was able to melt away a few of the drifts - only to leave the biggest ones for us to slog through! But these are character builders. While pedaling is why we ride bikes - pushing your bike is also time well spent! Gives you time to think. I was working on a non hydrated body and less than fueled body. How do i ride to breck and still have 2 liters of water in my pack. This is something i need to work on.

PHoto credit lubes

From this point on it was head down and move forward- did i mention that i am having a blast - just pretty much stayed to myself and kept quiet.

As we rolled into breckenridge- nearly 4:00 pm i was starving! opted out of the normal beer toast and went for the coca cola- seemed to help. Then on to the swiss burger and some fries! This appeared to be the solution!

Rain drops come and go on the climb up boreass- but energy level on the rise!

Thanks to Spike for the invite and all who i get to share these adventures with!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty bad when the hair on my head stands up!

Thursdays t.i.t.s. ride was some powerful stuff, Lubes baited us into beginning the climb up then casually broke his chainring only to coast to his car and watch us stomp that climb right into the abyss! ok.........that is a bit strong........we are spoiled in this arid climate we call home. I ride with enough back east folks to know that if it rains it rains you ride. Well the skies opened up on us as well as all the lightning - that is the part im not so into. The rain actually felt good! But that exposed ridge scared me a bit. Hit the far parking lot and remembered i had a dry wool shirt in my pack. That felt nice.

Also a lightweight jacket for later.

We were treated with some nice trail conditions. Lubes im sure was somewhere dry with a smile. But i believe the smiles we had were maybe a bit wider. After two long flat repairs- we got to descend in the dark- and im pretty glad we did because it was deeeelightful. !

Have a great weekend!