Friday, April 27, 2012

my son scares the shit out of me!

hes the one with the red bandanna!

i guess somehow if this was on a bike- itd be ok :)

edit: other boy- didnt fair too well from is crash! hope you both get better

spencer- heal up my man!  Cody-----glad you are ok! going to salt lake for hockey you need to be healthy!

ive been getting out here and there

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almond Butter and Bacon Sandwiches!

I tend to not plan my food intake too much- its either Pay Day bars, old clif bars, usually mike n ike's but today- this just sounded Good!! and it was!! bacon with pretty much anything!

Sean and i ventured up to BC - some mud/ ice/ snow/dirt not necessarily in that order.

Scouted out a couple places for a short overnight bikepack tour.

It was like hero ice- almost grippy!

Some not so grippy!

But mostly everything north of CT was rockin

mud spattered grins was the late day theme

been heading up to 3 sis a bit- the weekly night rides on GM- full moon ride was a blast!

no takers for 3 sis last sunday- good thing i suffered alone
Breaking trail
no new snow but ripping winds all week made for a shitty day of hiking! Lost the trail on the west side completely- but all i had to do was look around and i was damn happy to just be outside!

ive been hearing there has been some good riding going on in the springs- hmm may have to get down there again! although i am looking forward to warm Red sand stone / slickrock / and a huge ass Milts Burger!! moab..........

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dirt = fun

Springs crew gave us a little tour- of which i have rode before with kip - mr. badassness and jeremy!
But always good to ride with locals on their dirt and home trails! Just about 1hr. south of home - dirt can be found and enjoyed.
missed out on the buckhorn climb last time but got all of it this time! and we were in for a treat as the clouds rolled in and gave us a feeling of being on top of the world!
a few denver folks converged on the canyon and had a blast on saturday!
we always seem to leave our mark of blood on the trails! ;)

although it is still winter and last couple months the snow has been tons of fun - throw in some dirt and even a portion that was dusty and all is good!

Ran across a training mission- although i thanked them for their service- i really cannot express my true thankfulness of our great women and men.

I love cheap hand me downs- i have a few ideas for this summer that will require some planning and determination for this old guy!

thanks for checking in....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Just want to thank my weekend sponsors!

Dirt Rag
Dales Pale Ale
My trusty shovel
and maybe another Dales! ;)

Lubes- who has a similar mindset - shit - lets give it a go!

Which resulted in more of this:

(photo credit:lubes)

and a whole lot less of this:
(photo credit: lubes)

but we toasted a hearty climb!

Shovel and I worked out - alot- this weekend!

and so did we- a few times!

Monday, January 30, 2012

When in doubt - smile

3 sisters in the snow makes people smile!
who would not smile riding this bike!

michelle discovered the joys of riding snowpack singletrack!
so the approach was a little sketchy- thats what rocks are for!
t.i.t.s. night rides - good times!

bob just happy the ice did not take him down
Fat bob held this together and managed some trials moves to get back on the hard pack!
what is not to smile about being here
yep - smile
some hike a bike is good for the soul

ran into an old family friend - horses make her smile
ice flowing like lava over trails requires finesse and balance and if you dont have it- your ass hits the deck - hard!