Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

Not sure who said it better - the cars, bb king or Louis Jordan:

Either way add a bike to a soul and Good Times are bound to Roll!

Nate on the Hundo

Joe on the hundo

Guacamole on the hundo
Sean was actually ahead of the other two pictured- way to go sean you are a machine!

little e climbing up chimney gulch on a t.i.t.s. ride

top of lookout

Spikefest training better late than never- either way its gonna hurt this year!

Lubes, Joe and i headed up to kenosha to ride east on the CT (my first time on this sect.)
Views definately did not suck today!

Joe, runnin the monkey as a ss today- i think weve got him converted back.

Hard not to gawk at this all day!

interesting features in this rock

el mar is the ticket- but looking at it all day and its similarity to:
really really made me wish that stupid ice cream truck and that sadistic tune it pings out all day long -would have rolled by right about now!

Long stretches of some dirt roads joined our dots on the map

Some 40 ish miles with one small mis calc- on the CT but hey we got a lovely little climb that we would not have normally had! ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

No pain no gain!

Coach said get on a bike harder the better: to my son

This bike just does not fit my 13yr. old who is almost taller than me.

So on the ss it is. My old 69er - headed to 3sis for some fun/training

This bike is plenty used to stops like this!

then headed to flying j for a quick loop through the tight pines - this trail is just plain fun- short but fun!

Bike came home and got a quick fork swap to the Fox 100 and back to a 26" wheel up front. Glad this bike is gonna get ridden again. But ultimately he's ready for his own geared bike again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Put your helmets on and pass me a nut roll

My new trail snacks!! an old favorite yes, but i havent had one in a few years at least. Just sounded good- yep they are damn tasty and a good mixture of sweet salty goodness!!

What the hell is with "climbing" and not wearing your helmet- hit a popular spot today just because i was seeking a little bit cooler temps- i knew the crowds would be and issue but there is plenty of trail at 3 sis. Coming down EM east i noticed several people riding up with no helmets- i get it its hot- but on a busy day just Stupid! that is my .02 cents. take it or leave it.

Lost the pics of our bc night ride last week but all they would have shown was chad crashed out or passed out in the back of his truck- evil mGe flipping us the bird and going for barbeque and one fast guacamole keeping pace for a while.....i had to hurt him a bit......but in the end his epo'd enhanced moobs (hey that is his term) took control. We'll see if we can change that this week.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

There is a sound.......

Like the sound of a new partially loaded Fargo on its maiden voyage
Andy breaking her in on a casual pace....

the sound of a gentle breeze under a blue sky at buffalo creek

The laughter on a t.i.t.s. ride and the constant banter about my route choice for the evening ( for the record -i like the climb up EM east! )

The pshhhh! of Scar cleaning a switchback that we all failed to clean

Then there was most likely massive noise with heavy machinery used to clear cut sections of Indian Creek- although appears to be mass destruction- all useable fuel just left to die on the ground. Im sure the long term goal of this will suit the next generation or one after that. For we are only here for a short time.

but there are still places where the dense feeling of being secluded and the sound of nothing but a breeze and maybe a small trace of mtn bikers breathing heavily.

There is also the sound not necessarily heard but clearly visible that ones being is coming alive again!

The joy in riding a "new to them" trail

This sound needs no explanation!

The joy in running into a trail angel and her husband offering up some cold water out of the westfalia just in time for the climb back up! Thank You!!

The sigh of relief or the sigh of realization that a long day in the saddle is almost over....

Turns out it was a sigh of relief as the last two miles were a bit painful but very much enjoyable!

Moral of this post - for me at least- take time to listen more and speak less! thanks for checking in!