Friday, December 16, 2011

the month of nite rides

Seems night rides are all there is lately- so you make the best of it.

all down hill from here
dirt was pretty amazing- frozen mud/ snow/ dry dirt = a happy crew

hops enjoyed it!

Stops were brief and pace was a little quicker- temp wasnt bad. Legs plugged along -what was a bitch with granny gear is a slower grind up that dammed fire road to box cut-off. But managed to not blow up- the noise the tire makes on that snow reminds me of days as a lift op with that frozen cable making its way over the sheave liners hauling passengers up the mountain. I miss those days as a kid sitting next to my dad at Geneva Basin. Sometimes a bike ride is more than a bike ride.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its just like riding a bicycle

Temps were down - down far enough i thought it may only be a couple of us out. But 8 sturdy souls made it out to pedal some green mtn. 7 of the mentality- "this is fun"! 1 of the mentality "f this im cold!" We have an interesting crew- lubes likes big jugs- what else can you say!

By the time we pedal our little warm up adjustments are sometimes required.

And at the top of that climb- more adjustments are sometimes required - this particular one had a sweet taste that deemed everyone adjusted.

I hit my first breather point a little sooner than normal- but still made that switchback. Put down a few stretches where the el mar and i trudged along side by side like the good ol days in snow too deep and crusted to over power. Then the power seemed to not be lost -like i feared it might. When you have no options you simply just ride- sure the breathing is a different kind of heavy. Sure enjoyed this ride as it did not suck in any way!

Evil mGe is taking a secluded leave of absence dubbed "training for work" however im calling it a front to become a riding machine and come back to d town to lay down a gauntlet and have us crying trailside! SO i may just have to stop using my weight set as a drying rack for wool clothing and ski gear.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Does your bike speak to you?

Im not sure what it was about this particular ride- this day- but i saw this pic the other day and how i felt - dont know if it was the trail, being alone, the anticipation of a big ride the next day. Who knows but i was feeling it. There was some hiking as there will be with a singlespeed. There was some water crossings and some wet mud in the face fun. There was a Dale's consumed at the top. There were views. But there was this section, where everything was right.

so i put the gears back in a cabinet high in the garage out of view as not to be tempted. They will possibly go back on at some point. But for now my bike says stand up and pedal you pussy!