Saturday, April 30, 2011

Afternoon with a Bender !

What is bender? drink a case o beer and go ride? nope - it is when you have skates on and your ankles fold in! Its when your chain gets sucked into the spokes multiple times! Its when you skid on the trail and ride off the trail! ....these are all traits of a bender!

Mark (bender) and i hit up some 3 sisters for a quick after work jaunt.
He says i have a tazer in my pack- "if my heart explodes and i go down hit me twice with that bitch and put two of these tablets in my mouth and pour some water dwon me! if that doesnt work call my wife and tell her to call the insurance guy!" (he really had the tazer in his pack!) im a little harsh on the 50 yr old guy - but a bender is a bender ;)

This little fox had me dab on 3 sis to take her pic- other than that it was a clean run! I have two problem spot on the climb up sisters from the other day.....

on a lighter note finally put the el mar on the scale and am pleased with the reading
Notice i did not jump on there! that is the area that needs some attention!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Jack?

23 months in the making! Put the golden spike in Saturday! Along with 20 folks including a few from the USFS along our sides working! Official ribbon cutting!

perfect conditions to build trail! --then ride!

I hauled a few to the top of Raspberry Ridge for a celebratory toast- of which people were appreciative of a cold pbr!

Jason had a miscalc. which led to a second attempt- nailed it!

This is one of the long rollers that i actually rode
ok there were a few- but on to the real shit- i was walkin! not in me today!

I think Jeremy had his suspension dialed in! doh!

But did you see my new jersey??!!
i'm just gonna take a nap!
Some stellar terrrain here!!

a few pictures nabbed from here:

Friday, April 22, 2011


Headed to the desert for some spring bread fun a few weeks ago. That is a 26" bike- FS Reign he loved it!
Slickrock in the eve is a wonderful place to be!
Cody and i hittin some of the sovereign trail.
katelyn on the practice loop

Doesnt get much better!
no trouble on this bike- except he wouldn't let me ride it! ;)

Picture below- look familiar? - just taken 3 years earlier
Went for the Hummer tour- something we would not normally do- but it was good times!! Crazy what you can do on slickrock!

Back to the practice loop- for some more riding!
Kids rocked the gopro for a bit each.

t.i.t.s night rides are still on! Just a little random lately- until this spring hockey is over.

Few bc trips here and there in one of my favorite places

This bike rides amazing! Love it

all for now..... thanks for checkin in!