Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quebec and Beans

Littleton Hawks make it to the championship game for the Quebec Qualifier tournament. Beat Aspen 4-1 Now the Avalanche send the team to Quebec for an 11 day tournament in feb. What a cool experience for the boys!!

The clear pics below borrowed from mGe as he and his daughter came and watched

BeanFeSSt 09' After the first game on sunday i hustled up to Shinglemill TH where i found the group getting ready to head out. I quickly got dressed and was on the bike chasing the leaders. Hopping out of a hot truck with shoes under the heater the whole way up is a good way to start a cold ride. So down the trail a ways the group decided to split. Can't blame those that braved the weather camping and swilling the night before, for opting to head back and eat! I busted hard to get up there so i was down for more riding. 5 others were in. So we headed up to redskin and up gashouse down baldy and back up shinglemill. I was pretty chilled after baldy descent so i cranked hard up shinglemill and managed to stay warm. Riding surreal today, not sure if it was the weather or the desire to get back and watch codys second game of the day. Whatever it was i was full of energy and having a great ride!

Forcast looks pretty bleak for the rest of the week. Really hoping to get in on the pint 2 pint if they have it. t.i.t.s. rides have been lacking so, letting it rest for a bit.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stole one

Job was not ready till wed. so i snuck in a morning ride with mark. He'd never ridden 3 sisters before. So we expected to be a bit chilly but it really was pretty warm. Once we started climbing up dedisse it got plenty hot. I was sucking wind again as i'm still not even close to %60 oh well. Keep pedaling/walking/pedaling!

The new COMBA socks are here! Pretty cool with the CO flag as well!

MT. Evans in the distance as seen from atop Evergreen Mtn. (doesn't look like that at the time im typing this as its snowin hard out)
Playin on the rocks, damn kids
Yep as we loaded up the front was moving in and temps dropped quite a bit. But i just laughed as we got this one in today. Might be a little white and wet around for a bit. Hoping to get out to the beanFeSSt on sun. don't want to miss it this year. Night ride is prob. out but i've had my share of bc at night this summer. Sunday is always a good ride with good folks and some killer mexican food to finish to.

Monday, October 19, 2009

self medicating

Have always loved old vw bus's i had to turn around and get a few shots! These were cherry! Best use of a bus:

First run on the new Ignitor, pretty bad ass tire. After running a Serfa for about 2 years. Little spendy but like it so far. Not running it tubless so maybe wont have the blistering issues these tires are known for.

Felt good just to be out today could barely breath on the first climb and chest was hurting but worked through it and felt better as i kept going. Being sick just plain sucks! Missed the nite ride last week and one ride a week is about all ive mustered up lately. No wonder im sucking wind!

Oh well you get what you can!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


While my sorry whiny ass is trying to get better. the s.i.s.s. awaits to be ridden

hopefully tomorrow one way or another, im riding even if i have to stop a lot! Meanwhile at least i can watch my sons team kick some ass! Daughters vball tourney today but have to drive to springs so i couldn't go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

cool bc ride

was a bit brisk on sun. am but once moving and climbing got plenty warm. Wool kicks ass!

the third coolest dog i've seen

The first is moots of course
the second is miss madoline, eric's dog

then there is this one

Monday, October 5, 2009

apex to be or not to be

shut down work a little early and met e, and spike up at apex on thursday. For a little spin before the BIG night of comments to the osac committee regarding certain trails on apex that are subject to restrictions to mtb'rs only of course. read more here, and even more here.

Neither e or spike had ridden sluicebox, pick n sledge before so i kind of took them on the opposite route of normal. Er, i guess since i was in the back they took me on that route. But with those teo that is the norm. Met up with team ergon, lubes at the sluicebox, grubstake jct. Then on down to apex with a couple stops to enjoy the scenery and fiddle with tires. Up to Enchanted Forest which is one section they are looking to make one way only on certain days the shitty way, up-hill.

This trail is always bad ass, cool in the heat and just plain fun. Some refer to it as the best in the state, although nice not nearly as good as some stuff i've ridden this summer.

More rocky goodness heading out, look down and i guess that rock that i hit pretty square pinch flatted me. I have to admit, first flat on the 29" wheel up front. Was told a 26 would suffice and fought that for a minute or two. Then opted to just throw a 29" tube from eric on. I guess in situations where people are waiting on me, i cant stand this. So i struggle with a simple task of putting a tube in a tire and back on a rim. thanks eric im watching videos on how to change a tire efficiently. ;)

down to wrigleys for some free pizza and discuss topic at hand. Long nite of sitting in a overcrowded hallway listening to opposition. hope for the best........

Sunday was a little urban HR trails with lubes, mark and jerry. Didn't hit the new stuff just up to the high point and then over to the monarch system and back it got damn cold in a hurry and we just took the straight route back to the house. 27 some miles but still fun. Good to get out with mark again, and glad you could join lubes after hammerin in BC before meetin us!