Saturday, May 30, 2009

Death March Ride

in lyons, was a truly cool and uber ride! Pics up tomorrow!!

some miles and some elevation gain, and some good times!!

Good to see so many of you guys!

Friday, May 29, 2009

t.i.t.s. ride 3 sisters!

Thursday night ride: The Crew ready to roll! The dirty dozen! (photo credit Jj)

Lubes basking in the sun on the dedisse trail. Man 35 min. away and lived 5 miles up the road for years and first time really riding here. I've been missing out on these trails!

Lubes in a Zen moment!
too bad the views sucked too!
We climbed up to the top of evergreen mtn. happy to unload my pack! I think i hauled 5 pbr's up that was a bit of a load but made some folks happy. after taking in views time for some downhill! after regrouping at the bottom guess andy had some 29 26 tube issues whatever that meant ha! Met up with the other group that had a missing chain doh!
Headed to the sister trail and some good rocky rooty climbing up and some scenic walking next to my bike on some of em! Then grunted out and cleaned the last techy swithback to the top. We rest and get to the good stuff. I picked my way down and was delighted to clean the whole descent without a dab! BIg grin was had on that one!! Quick reactions and no hesitation was the key. Light getting obsolete and time to click on the lights for the final descent and the nbit of a grunt climb up dedisse to the truck. We were spread out on the descent and it was very surreal to be weaving through the forest on tight twisty singletrack with bright lights bringing everything to life in a small space in front of you. That is what is most fun about riding at night is seeing just what is in front of you. knowing there is so much more around. Looking forward to next week and a full moon ride maybe bc? or back up here may be good as well. mmm prob bc though! But first sat. ride Dave's Uber Death March!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day- deer creek spin

Totally lollygagged around the house, games cancelled again! ugh! I could do yard work.....or go ride my bike. So with that i was loaded up in about 10 min. and finally got to rattlesnake gulch about 11:00 or so. Alot of rain fell lastnight and wasn't sure how trail conditons would be, but they were nice and tacky! No mud at all. amber saw a bear up there this morning while she ran with the dog it ran right in front of her across the trail.

Many hikers out today and rain all around but i never felt a drop the whole ride. I did hear some rumbling as i was headed back up ply. mtn. and remebered back the time i got caught up there in some bad lightining. Should have ducked in somewhere and waited that one out, but i just prayed and high tailed it back to the truck. But nothing today except for friendly folks out and pristine trail conditions!! Did my normal 17 mi. with 3000' today as i didn't clean a section near the bottom and rode back down and did it again and cleaned it.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Way to go nuGGs!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clear Creek County Adventure

Saturday started early meeting at Jeremy's house at 5:30! We piled in, sorry eric for the lack of a bigger back seat! We headed up to Georgetown to the Visitor Center. So off mGe , eric and i went!

We climbed up for a while on some path, some fire road and eventually some nice singletrack! Then back to some Fire Road to the remains of the Waldorf Mine. From here after some snack time and rest it was a chilly finger numb descent to our route down to Guenella Pass. And eventually making our way to Silverdale.
There were some narrow and sketchy parts on the Silver Creek trail above is eric.

Me on one of the wider sections! And some more random shots!

All in all a superb day in the high country and props to our guide mGe for showing us his find! You know i have lived here all my life and just drove by all the goodness that surrounds me in this wonderful state i have been fortunate to live in my whole life. But it takes a few guys with adventurous souls to get out and explore it and show me around. Thanks alot! What a killer ride this was and am looking forward to many more!

Ended up with around 36 miles and +4720' took about 5hrs and 10 min. of ride time.

There were photo credits due, but can't sort out whos were whos so eric gets credit and jeremy gets credit as well as pbr! Thanks guys!! still smiling from that one!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

bc t.i.t.s. ride wed-

That was the intention, but rain and not all that bad. Spike was a bit sick still and debated we finally pulled the plug on that and high tailed it back to morrison to hit up apex and 7:00 is not a good time to start riding up, as most of the shuttlers are getting in there last run or two. All in all not bad just headed up pick n sledge to avoid the downhill traffic, nice on the north side didnt see anybody and trail was nice and tacky. Definatley summer in the air. climbed on up to top of enchanted and what a nice descent that was! Pushed the downhill a little more tonight and felt pretty good in the rocks, just gotta let that big wheel roll!

So just finished at dusk, so no lights needed tonight. Next week should be a good one. Maybe head up to Sisters?

Clear Creek county on sat. long ride

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anthony Sloan memorial ride and celebration

Friday may 15, was able to join this and really glad i got to be a part. The moment of silence at the top of the evergreen mountain trail was very peaceful and quite moving. Without the official count i'm guessing there were 90-100 people.....(?) Visited with some old faces and met some new. Never ridden up here before but would love to come back and explore more. Considering i lived 5 miles away for alot of my teenage years, too bad i wasn't riding more than my ghetto ten speed then.

The descent was wicked fast and fun. Made our way back to the Yeti tent and bbq area. Oskar Blues provided food and drink. Was not about a big ride today was about getting on bikes and remembering someone who had touched many people all over the world. If you want to learn more about Anthony and enjoy his photos look here.

buffalo creek t.i.t.s. nightness

This was Thursdays night ride at bc little slow getting posts up. 7 riders and 6bikes. This was a t.i.t.s. first having a tandem join us! Dan and his wife Bevin just rocked that dually tandem! Have had this loop in my mind for a while so it was 543>lower sandy>baldy>down gashouse> redskin>CT> green mounatin loop>CT> Shinglemill> 543>lower sandy back to truck!

Ended up being 27 miles and +2770' Felt more than the 2960' the day before.....

I really screwed up this shot as they threaded this section flawlessly. Slow reaction on the camera with the darkness. Chad joined us for the first time and was a really good group and the pace was just fine. Danno came up and rode as well as Chris Chambers and Jay. Next week may be a wednesday night. Thinking of doing this same loop again it kicked ass!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

deer creek

finished final touches on the museum and off to ride! Quick check on mtbr read that deer creek was good to go! don't mind that it is close too! Started at rattlesnake gulch did my normal route up plymouth mtn. and then to the scenic overlook. didn't really want to sit and rest so kept on rollin. down to red mesa looped that then reversed it and headed back to reverse ply. mtn. Surprisingly no down trees (all cleared) few wet spots just enough to wet the tires right before descending the wall. No problem, back down very few people and no rattlers! Nice to get out solo with no tunes just me and the bike! BC tomorrow night!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

get it when you can

I threw in a t.i.t.s. hot lap in between games tonight minus the to and from IW met a fellow mtbr asking me for some trail info, EricZ i believe from chi cago! Welcome!! Slow down peeps take time to meet people, give a wave offer some help, take pictures of cactus and so forth! Enjoy our beautiful state and this wonderful two wheeled adventure we get to partake in!

Friday, May 8, 2009

heavy hearted t.i.t.s. ride

The sad news of a fellow rider anthony was shared at the start of the ride. Pretty much hot to start the ride up to GM, but nice to be out. Last minute route change for the evening took sol terra to zorro and on up to dakota. Then looped over through mathew winters. Dropped chris due to a missing brake pad, and lubes on his temporary wheel (not sure what his mech. was but he bailed as well) so onward. That last storm really greened up everything with the setting sun made for a nice eve.

Good night to be out riding! Dakota in the bask of lights is always good stuff!! Didn't hurt either that the moon was almost full!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pueblo - pic heavy

View from south shore trail
Rock Canyon trail
Hooters was intense pretty crazy drops on that trail!

Got a little later than hoped for start! note to self: one margarita limit at Jorge's mexican restaurant mmmm good stuff! Got dropped off at Red Gate and of course left my map at home so had to wing it from memory which was a little groggy, but still found my way around. Got to the park rangers office and nice guy dug out a map for me. So back to find some rocky goodness. Easy climbs up to the top for some short but fun downhills. Except for the climb er hike up Watertower, decided that was best ridden down! Never found the wooden bridges must have been on one of the trails i didnt get to. Skipped the voodo loop just so i could get the 5 miles of road back to the game in time. Funny the things you ride by on the side of the road! Just enough to wet my appetite for another day of exploring. Trails were nice and tacky after the rains the day before and never picked up any mud! Not one person to be seen other than a hiker and two dogs off in the distance. Very nice change! Headed back for the first game of the day.
Moots was very happy to have come along with his kids, even though we had to sneak him into the room! Good thing he is behaved!

Cody pitched very good as well as being the solid shortstop he is! Two cool and drizzly games on sat. won both and they won their first game sun. which put em in the championship game and they lost that game but made a good comeback at the end. 2nd place in a 12aaa tournament when we are an 11 yr old majors team wasnt bad!
Ready to get some good rides in! Now that the snow has melted off and trails are in great shape on the front range.

Friday, May 1, 2009

BC t.i.t.s. ride

Terry President of COMBA joined us! Was 11 of us to start, then evil mGe's crank arm came off and that was the end of the ride after 1.5 miles in.

The rest of us headed up Baldy! on over to descend buck gulch wooo hooo! passing piles of bones in the trail and many downed trees made for some interesting surprises! Oh, Andy's tire rolled off the rim so minor rest option. Then climb up Strawberry Jack, good climb haven't been on this side in two or more years, let alone in the dark, great trail. Need to loop over here more often! Then up to Charlies and the nice long descent to 543 back to truck for a cold one. Very mild night and best part no snow! Tacky trails mmmmm good.

Ended up with about 23 miles and 2890' of vertical which also equals about 2890' of some fast fun descending as well with a little bushwacking and creative riding to duck under fallen trees! Can't wait to get back up and do it again!