Friday, May 28, 2010

Up and down!

Spent some time in Vancouver with codys hockey team! Two times in Canada within 4 months. Little less snow this time around.

This is Big Doug, 900 year old tree was about 200 ft tall.
Capilano Suspension bridge, 230' across and a long ways down!! And very shaky going across. Good thing im not afraid of heights.

Cleveland Dam

So, i didnt do very good on the hockey pics

Pike place market

Back to biking, t.i.t.s. ride at 3 sisters it was one week ago that i rode and it was 3 sis. This one week between rides has got to stop! Just get to feeling good, then get lazy and have to work extra hard to keep up with the crew!

Here's funrover gettin it done on some rocks on dedisse

Nice to know who your friends are!

Time to get back into shape! No excuses

Monday, May 17, 2010

New bikes are sweeet!

Nope, i didnt get a new bike but take the bars off, grease. Install new bottom bracket, put new brake pads on and my bike is oh so quiet and smooth. Ive had a bar creak for about oh, 4 years. no more! Its stealthy other than my hard breathing!

No ask lubes what a new bike is like. He rolled out "high ho silver" today

Yes that is a 29er Lubes is just a big ol boy. Spike laying down the over/ under on when this frame snaps.

Snap?? why do you ask that?

" Seriously, once we crest that ridge the rest of the day is all downhill, no shit! "

Ran into ed and jj on the CT

Sean - why do my cranks feel wierd?
ON the way to the lost creek wilderness via the LEGAL rolling creek tr. up to the boundary

last one is dedisse from last week

Enjoy the world!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lotb and some sisters

Hit up lair o bear on tuesday with lubes and we ran into too many toyz at the start. He geared up and joined us. He does not have much to say to me. Once we started climbing we parted ways and lubes and i stomped that climb like a bad habit! I pushed beyond the pain in some areas instead of giving in. It is slowly coming back and these climbs are helping. Once up top the winds picked up and clouds were moving in fast.

Never did see scott again, i guess he came up and bombed back down. All that suspension would probably be pretty fun! I hit the rock section and i froze up, dammit i dont get it. I have rode that section a bunch of times but was not feeling it. It is all in my head and i just need to ride that shit!

Thursday was a sublime ride with tacky trails at 3 sisters. Put foot down twice on sisters descent made the hard right by the rock that has pestered me the last few times.

Bike is ready for some new pads and bb is making some noise and getting some slop. Pads in and waiting for the bb to come in.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ahhh! Thats what im talkin about!

Finally getting over the crud! I was not bailing today! Not totally over it , but im over it!
Today was Jeremy's little plan, But we were just up there to ride a normal ride. Although i was tempted to give it a go.
Met up with Michael (velocipede Jockey) and Lubes We got off to a normal start time of 8:00 It was a bit chilly but we managed.

Ran into AV boy and he was looking strong, he had a bit of an early start then not long after ran into jeremy at about the 27 mile mark of his route of some 80 odd miles. You can read more here of the: first annual Spring Buffalo Creek Spiderweb Classic! We made it out to chair rocks today that had been foiled the two previous times due to weather.
Chair rocks
Kitty is looking really nice!