Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dirt = fun

Springs crew gave us a little tour- of which i have rode before with kip - mr. badassness and jeremy!
But always good to ride with locals on their dirt and home trails! Just about 1hr. south of home - dirt can be found and enjoyed.
missed out on the buckhorn climb last time but got all of it this time! and we were in for a treat as the clouds rolled in and gave us a feeling of being on top of the world!
a few denver folks converged on the canyon and had a blast on saturday!
we always seem to leave our mark of blood on the trails! ;)

although it is still winter and last couple months the snow has been tons of fun - throw in some dirt and even a portion that was dusty and all is good!

Ran across a training mission- although i thanked them for their service- i really cannot express my true thankfulness of our great women and men.

I love cheap hand me downs- i have a few ideas for this summer that will require some planning and determination for this old guy!

thanks for checking in....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Just want to thank my weekend sponsors!

Dirt Rag
Dales Pale Ale
My trusty shovel
and maybe another Dales! ;)

Lubes- who has a similar mindset - shit - lets give it a go!

Which resulted in more of this:

(photo credit:lubes)

and a whole lot less of this:
(photo credit: lubes)

but we toasted a hearty climb!

Shovel and I worked out - alot- this weekend!

and so did we- a few times!