Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sometimes simple is just enough

Had plans of going up higher on saturday, but that meant getting up early, driving longer, fighting traffic. Pshhhht! screw that! i'll take a quiet day (no people) at buff creek thank you. Solo day out meant ipod on shuffle and turn the pedals. It may be a large grove of aspens covering a mountainside or a tiny patch but when the light hits them just right they are about the most beautiful sight!

One of my favorite spots at BC is right here. One other is on this side of the green mountain loop near the bottom while climbing.
Somewhere on the green mtn. loop

No stops today other than a little walking the loose steep washed out stuff. My reward was a ham and lettuce wrap and some go go juice!

Like i said no stops so the only time i pulled out my camera after lunch was this section of sandy wash.
Another stellar early fall morning, few people out enjoying their rides as well. Ran into a boy scout troop taking a breather while climbing sandy wash. So good to see kids out enjoying gods creation rather than sitting on the couch enjoying mans creation.

BC is a good place to get into the right spot

Friday, September 24, 2010


While most of it is further west, there are some to be found in Buff Creek.

Showed up for the t.i.t.s. ride early so rather than basking in the sun in my chair i opted for a quick solo loop. Not sure what it was, the lighting, the slight breeze or the change in the air. But all was right and the climb up morrison just felt good! Was in awe of my surroundings - it all just made sense even if only for a brief time.

Then back for the rest of the crew! And a good crew it is!

I think everyone enjoyed the evening!

35 miles of bc riding at its best!
Hope to catch some more aspens on saturday maybe gold dust from como.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slackin! and lost identity.......

photo credit mGe ^

Following rides are over the past few weeks and in no particular order:

Bad andy and i made the drive up to Sourdough starting out on this lovely gem! which quickly turned into a 2 mile slog through swamp and big moose country. Fortunately no bull moose!
This was our destination, next time we find a better way
But all that quickly forgotten, there is so much goodness to be ridden on CO.
Testing my skills on the logs, rode 3 of the 4 crossings
After the fast and baby head descent we get to this- and this is tamer end of sourdough!
bad andy
what lushness
just cracking up about something- this bike continues to take the beating so why get a new one!
on to a t.i.t.s. ride - which have been pretty rare lately. People associate a hammerfest which they arent, so i toned it down last week and we had the first annual t.i.t.s. cruiser ride complete with prizes.
new bridge on lower box o rox. Build day is in the works stay tuned- please gonna need some help getting this thing done before the snow!
Upper centennial cone this ride is always fun no matter what!
mGe! i finally pushed him up a few of the climbs today i think all his high country riding had wore him out! either way i was feeling good!

Now hopefully i will not have too much trouble with losing my wallet and getting my account sorted out and becoming a victim of id theft- although maybe my credit will improve now ;)

Thanks for all the good rides lately gang has been fun! Hockey season is on first scrimmage today for cody and katelyn is rockin the court as well!

Some Govt. trail coming last week of oct. hope the snow holds off for this trip to aspen!