Sunday, June 28, 2009

spikefest! 09

my restless sleep was interrupted by the low awful noise of my alarm. Time said 3:15am, i remember it saying 11:48 when i shut my eyes. This is too early for anything but managed to crawl out of bed and start getting dressed. coffee was already brewing and gear more or less loaded. Amber got up and made me a power smoothie and sandwiches! That was way cool! With that i was headed to Como. Met Jeremy and Scott and we headed to como to drop my truck then shuttle to kenosha!

All said and done it was 55.5 miles and some 7500 feet of climbing. Pace was good, rest stops, navigating and photo ops total time out was around 12 hrs. That was a sweet ride...........more later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 sisters in the rain t.i.t.s. ride

Lastnight was supposed to be the COMBA/t.i.t.s. social ride but mother nature had other plans. Blanket the mountains with moisture. After some debating as it was not looking to clear up anytime soon, we opted to grab a bite to eat and call it a night. After we ate it wasn't looking bad and Steve drove all the way from boulder to ride. He called us out and 5 of us said were in. Started around 7:40 or so and rode till dark just had to click the lights on for the trip out to brothers and the the way back down. Nice and tacky, no mud just a few puddles to ride through. Pretty short ride with only about 9 miles or so and 1330' of climbing just enough though to work off the bbq sandwich and pbr!

I need some time to play with the camera its alot higher pixels than the old one but the quality is just not there. Now just gotta get the bike and gear ready this little jaunt a 55 or so miler that Spike came up with as part of Spikefest on saturday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

bike to work day

Yesterday i joined the masses although a short trip to the job, still a nice morning to ride in. Bike just sat there all day as if saying you got me up for this? weak....... But we took the longer route home and was a nice evening.

Tonight is the t.i.t.s ride at 3 sisters combined with the Comba social ride, should be fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Had no set plans other than to ride this am. wasnt until i got up a little later than planned. Decided not to drive anywhere but grabbed the roadie down and aired up the tires. grabbed a bottle and headed to deer creek canyon. Ass a little sore as i haven't been on the road bike in a loong time. Roadies are a funny folk or maybe i'm just too friendly. Skipped high grade and just hit the top of the canyon. I knew if i made that turn for high grade, i would end up in evergreen and beyond and didn't want to be gone all day. Skinny tires were fun today!

The rest of the day consisted of driving up 285 and hit the coney island where we waited for an hour just to order, doh! They never seem to be in any hurry there. Hasnt' changed in the 30 some odd years ive been going there! Prob. never will. then drove up guanella pass to drive by the old stomping grounds of Geneva Basin, then on over into Georgetown where we were treated to some good ol I-70 traffic. The idea was just to get a drive in to the mountains, that we did maybe just should have reversed the route and maybe hit the blue cow in morrison instead. All is good and got to come home and see my sons 3 on 3 hockey team put a whippin on the other team!

Friday, June 19, 2009

catching up a bit

Last night was a good turnout for the t.i.t.s. ride at 3 sisters 10 total after Juth appears from the shadows. OF course now the pace is going up. With him, chad and spike pushing up the tempo. We started out together and hoofed it down to Muley tr. i guess the others didn't see us, sorry guys thought you were right behind us. Once again hitting some new (to me) trail. nice little climb up to top of muley that forced me to walk near the top.
Once at the top of evergreen mountain we found the rest of the group. And were treated to a show of electricity and rumblings time to descend. Decided not to put the rain jacket on doh! As it started coming down about half way down, small hail then some large and wet hail. Pulled over and put the jacket on just trapped the water in, but softened the blows of the hail. Dropped to the lower th and headed back out on hidden fawn. Back to dedisse trail and to the truck. Some 2600' and 16-18 some miles. New faces out was good to meet you. Jay was good to see you out, i know you needed that!

The last two are from a solo gaunt to chimney gulch over to apex, enchanted forest and up sluicebox and down pick n sledge the day before (wed.) solid ride then andy called was waiting at gcb for a cold ipa. thanks andy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little one on one time

I'm always runnin the boy here or there for hockey and baseball practice or games. Finally a ride with my daughter we have been talking about for a while. She usually needs some coaxing to go, but once were out we have fun! Just a mellow pedal up waterton with a goal to get her to lennys. Considering she hasn't ridden at all lately, I was happy to get her to the first bench on ct. Gotta start somewhere.

I seriously think she enjoyed watching me spin like mad on the single gear trying to keep up with her on the road back down. What looked like we could could get rained on it was nearly perfect conditions with blue sky even finished around 8:30 or so and it was a beautiful evening.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

wed. t.i.t.s. night ride

Just getting this posted from wed. 4 of us out after the skies opened up and drenched much of the area. Weren't sure if we were going to get this ride in or if it was going to be too muddy. Once again we were treated to some primo trail conditions. Even the 6 or so miles up the canyon went by pretty fast, then the climb up to lennys rest was just magical with the smell of wet forest and nice and tacky trail. After lennys it was all ours, not a soul in sight! All this within 15 -20 min. of the city. After of course a nice warm up ride to get back there! All smiles were had by this small crew. Looking forward to getting in some miles this week!

Name:  DSC00030.JPG Views: 88 Size:  164.9 KB

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I copied the photos from mtbr post and they turned out a little wierd. ??

Sunday, June 7, 2009

solo bc ride

It was a truly bluebird day! ok, alarm went off at 5:45 and i didn't leave the house till around 7:30 pretty weak i know! Was debating whether i wanted to fight crowds at 3 sisters or bc. I opted for bc as the terrain is a bit more spread out and thought i could encounter less people that way. I knew ysterday was the big equestrian event and apparently more today but i dont think it was nearly as big as sat. no big deal. Route selection was 543>baldy>down gashouse>to redskin>ct>green mtn. loop>ct>buffalo burn then reverse>ct>shinglemill>543>truck! 35 miles and +3470'

Was a sweet route basically a route we did on a t.i.t.s. ride but with the extra ct and buffalo burn loop added in. I'm pretty sure this is quickly becoming one of my favorite loops. I do like the sandywash descent but shinglemill is fun too! Down gashouse is just fun!

Past this gate several times and finally stopped to grab a picture.

Saw a fair amount of these today! 99% real friendly, just wish when i stopped they would pass on the trail and not 15 feet off the trail! Very minimal damage to the trails that i saw. Except for on the ct in the creek areas obviously lots of hoof prints all over. And one busted sign on the ct at the gate before the road. Wasn't broke thursday night. I could see a horse swingin his ass around and breaking it.

Enjoyed the sounds of nature a bit.
and the beauty, next two were on the buffalo burn loop.

Was a nice ride good pace my own pace! I had planned on taking it easy but ended up pushing myself and felt pretty good. Met a older couple with loaded bikes each pulling a bob trailer(no pic) just testing out there gear and did an overnighter looked like fun! Ran into Troy and don? shwingding and rob i think one of there buddies heading down shinglemill. If i had more time i would have turned around and joined them. But needed to get down the hill. Unfortunatley! I needed a good solo ride and today was perfect.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

few pics from the last two rides

photo credits: 1st pic from paul, 2nd two from Jesper