Sunday, November 29, 2009

Note to self

Check for all your gear before leaving to go ride!

no helmet = no ride

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to the big green hill

The Amoeba lights up the shitter quite well!

Headed up the path to the trailhead chatting it up and legs are feeling a bit sluggish, they'll get going. Well decided to go up John OOOOO Hayden trail figuring it would be the driest I just hate this climb i like the alameda start a little better. Its just one in your face climb followed by a couple shorter ones. I am just being a nancy boy tonight as anything going up was going to be shit! I haven't felt this sluggish in a while. I'm blaming it on turkey day and being lazy lately as far as riding. Just working!! blah

So evil Jeremy took the reins tonight and i was happy to hand them off. If eric or spike would have been with us it would have been a little easier cause i would have just got rid of my lunch right away and got it over with. Then just try and hang on. But i eventually chipped away at his lead and got within spitting distance and saw how hard he was working and breathing like a madman. So i backed off and let him gain the summit on this late November warm evening on Green mountain ;) That was the only time my legs felt good all night. Looking at options and trying to avoid mud was our goal and ride as much as we could. Went down the spine and over to the fire road and began the climb and saw a distant aura that could only be the glow of an Amoeba light. It was Jake and he cought up in no time. After a brief vote - "all in favor of going up the fire road say I" Crickets chirping

That was that and we headed to sol terra. Another hike a bike for the ssers terry made a great effort and almost cleaned it.

Coming down the last section before the green mtn. trail I found a light pointed back up from where we came. I thought jeremy was trying to identify the native grasses and that he did! Mini yard sale and he was up in no time, little handlebar adjustment and we are off and running again. Back to IW for a cold IPA. Schnauzers band was playing at buff. rose in golden so i was talked into going over for a bit. Ended up quite a bit but was fun and they rocked the house!
Long story for just a short ride but with just one a week lately have to make it worthwhile. New rule: post ride activities should never last longer than the ride itself.

Big Thanksgiving tournament for the boys this weekend GO HAWKS!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Snowbound in BC! from Kevin Noel on Vimeo.

t.i.t.s. ride friday night at BC was a gamble we won i would say. There have been so many nights where you would think it to be crappy and turns out beautiful. This night was no different. Add some snow, about 16 cool people, throw in a little strannys and let the good times roll, or push as was the case for the majority of the ride. Till we broke off on lower sandy wash. Where the out and back to shinglemill was never harder. This was a pleasant surprise. Some dry trail! snowy spots and then back to the 6-8" powder on the north side. Which made for some sweet descending!! So we looped it 3 times just for fun.

Ahhh some dry trail!

Monday, November 16, 2009

friday the 13th!

Weekend of work allowed only a friday night ride but i will take it! Work is good and no complaints, except its cutting into my riding time!! Met up with mGe at the fort and hopped in for a ride up to bc. Sketchy ass drive with jeremy at the helm! We didnt really say it but i both think we could have easily bailed on the ride tonite. Content to discuss the ability to propel ones self forward, up hill and eventually downhill on a two wheeled wonder kown as a bicycle! Over a cold beer. But its BC we are talking about and this oasis that it is never dissapoints. The snow in conifer only picked up more and made visiblity almost zero. As we neared pine jct. what is this, still snowing. As we made our descent down 126 it started to lighten up. Once in pine, nothing! No snow, dry pavement now there was a small amount of dissapointment as this was shaping up to be an epic snow ride. As were gearing up the snow began just enough to wonder what layers would we need for tonight. Of course, in my bag no waterproof jacket. Only my trusty wool jersey and the heavy PI outer. Decided to go with both. 4 of us headed up 543 and hit the dirt lot and found e and jerry. Oh and least we not forget maddie! So the 7 of us head out on a snow ride.

Climbing sandy wash was the route and just as i thought overdressed! ditch the knee warmers that kept sliding down anyway. Downright hot now. But happy to be out riding at night with cool people! In fact very cool people. After a brief regrouping we get the last bit of climbing done by way of reversing Charlies, which was a first for me day or night.

Once we hit the top, just took in the quiet of the evening. E was challenging the local elk with a bit of bugeling of his own! We hit 543 by descending baldy, what a kick ass descent! I hit the real rooty section and just about endoed trying not to pinch flat. But rode it out. On the road we found some yellowish eyes and spotted a bobcat! Awesome! Then Jeremy caught a glimpse of what looked to be a mt lion. Near the same area spike and i saw what we were pretty dam sure was a mt lion. But it was out of reach, even of the amoeba lights.

This photo (above) kind of sums up the feeling at this point of the ride. We had just climbed morrison creek and were just sitting on the ground chillin out when we see a faint light. It appeared to be just over the ridge from where we were. Then it went away and a few moments it looked to be headed our way and a bit closer. Someone laughed it off as Jason. Being fri. the 13th and all. I then had those images in my head and was ready to roll. We didnt waste any time and Jerry volunteered to be in the back. It wasnt gonna be me! I am not the fastest descender nor the slowest. So i found myself in the middle alone ! Again more images of jason in that long coat toting his machete. All at the same time feeling like a kid on this sweet descent and stellar trail conditions. Back to the images, back to grinning and hanging on to the bars as my front tire disappeared in more than one corner. That is BC riding at its best! All too soon we are at the bottom and laughing again!

Maddie wasn't scared she just wonders why we are always stopping! A quick drink and she is ready to roll again. Great ride was had and conditions could not have been much better. Till the next time were back up there.......

thanks t.i.t.s. crew!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why do you ride that singlespeed

borrowed this from a "local forum" :

I am running 36/22 (and bash) since about 2 years. I've also tried 34/22 - but that didn't allow me to keep up with some of my buddies riding tripples on long, slightly descending stretches. The 36 allows me to stay with them on most trails - but on dirt roads/double track and road I am still faling behind. So sometimes I'd want even a 38.

BUT: There is a balance to be reached. While a larger front ring provides for a longer gear it also increases the jump in gears when to switch from the small front to the large. See the table below.

22 32 34 36
34 0.65 0.94 1.00 1.06
30 0.73 1.07 1.13 1.20
26 0.85 1.23 1.31 1.38
23 0.96 1.39 1.48 1.57
20 1.10 1.60 1.70 1.80

Consider you crawl up a hill that gradually tops out. You are in the 22 front 34 rear. First you shift in the rear... t0 30, to 26, 23. Each shift makes the gear 13% - 15% longer. At 20 you shift the front. Now, if that front is a 32, the jump is a 45%. It it is a 34 it is 55%. And for a 36 it is 64% Does this matter. Maybe. Chances are you will want to shift back more gears in the back when you go to the large ring. (And vice versa)

I am riding a 36 for the top speed - but I am buying it by more frentic shifting whenever I switch between small and large in the front.

Just wanted you to be aware of the trade-off.

While i can appreciate the thought into all that, i just pedal and if i can't pedal anymore then i walk. If i can't keep up with my buddies then i just try a little harder. While there are some that i don't try too long to keep up because it is pointless. But that is what makes you stronger and keeps you younger. Kinda random but nevertheless riding a single gear bike is just riding. Oh and sometimes hiking!

Might get in a snow ride tomorrow night for the t.i.t.s. ride!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

more pint 2 pint

few more

This is what most of Enchanted looked like
Name:  p2p 197.JPG Views: 71 Size:  185.8 KB
Those that skipped it missed out imho!

Then back out to apex trail where more snow was found. Came around a corner to find a horse coming up trail and stopped and she waved me through and after asking she said come on by, very polite and nice as well as all hikers i yielded for. After that passed Torkima changing a flat and passed some folks that never passed me, i guess they rode down apex. I rolled all the way to the bottom parking lot, only to remember Ithnu was gonna be at the upper lot below dakota. Cranked up there and got my mid ride hydration requirements ! Torkima rolled in and we headed up dakota and super conditions once past the very skiable stretch.

Ahh, the top glad box o rox is over. Sticking with the "planned route" dropped down the spine and hit the sol terra trail around to the front. Rolled this with Torkima and rich?
Name:  p2p 201.JPG Views: 71 Size:  151.9 KB

Name:  p2p 202.JPG Views: 71 Size:  168.5 KB

Name:  p2p 203.JPG Views: 71 Size:  176.5 KB

Hit Ironworks and ordered my pint!

Thanks FT for puttin this on and thank you to Ithnu and your better half for helping out with hydration duties! Terry you were all over the place and i cant wait to see the footage from the top of lookout with you filming while driving! Glad i didnt endo when i hit hat snow drift! Good times! for sure!!

Pint 2 Pint 09

My version went like this

After the gathering and the pre-ride beverage or beverages. 1x1 said oh man you better have two bro- we did. Then all the sudden troops are rollin out so it was a down the hatch second pint and on the bike. Casual roll up the path and under the hwy. then the nice little climb up. I had never ridden that section before joining with the normal chimney gulch trail. Usually start at the landing zone. After the "pro field" broke away seriously pro riders in the pint 2 pint? Couple of em were on trainers near the start. So i cranked away and found myself riding solo. Wait-- Jason how'd you get past me?

Name:  p2p 188.JPG Views: 76 Size:  183.1 KB

Name:  p2p 189.JPG Views: 75 Size:  188.8 KB

Name:  p2p 190.JPG Views: 76 Size:  170.7 KB

Name:  p2p 191.JPG Views: 75 Size:  189.2 KB

Name:  p2p 192.JPG Views: 75 Size:  183.4 KB

Name:  p2p 193.JPG Views: 75 Size:  165.2 KB

Name:  p2p 194.JPG Views: 75 Size:  188.7 KB

Found Terry several times with the camera rollin! We decided i would try Enchanted and glad i did. Snowy at the top few hundred yds or so, i pretty much planned on a slog through the snow at this point and figured this would set me way back. But around the next corner moist trail and i mean perfect dirt. it definately was flowy! One more snow section and across the sketchy snow covered ladder. Then more perfect dirt. Funny I could only see one set of tracks in front of me that were fresh. Guess the pros opted for the gut of apex.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some PBR art

There is a bit of white stuff hanging around, bit more on Green Mountain than i would have thought with the temps we've had the last couple days. t.i.t.s. ride tomorrow night is gonna be a mix of pavement and maybe venture on some dirt. I still have not ridden any singletrack at bclp. So maybe venture that way. Was supposed to go out to Fruita for a couple days of fun, but that is gonna be hard with work, so opting to stay around and join a "little ride" on sat. after cody's game. One road ride this week is not cutting it!