Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunsets, Smiles, Slapshots and Singletrack!

Looking west from the top of Green Mtn. on a thursday night t.i.t.s. ride!
Trusty Amoeba's lighting the way with the eastern skyline in the background

Trips For Kids
, COMBA and IMBA all paired up for Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day! This was the first year i was able to help out and what a great time! Everything was organized and all the kids showed up smiling and ready to ride! After 4 brief workshops it was time to ride i was leading team Santa Cruz and was assigned a small loop of flat wide trails and i knew right away my group was ready for more, so we made quick work of this loop with one small hill to climb at the end and on to another loop that was more singletrack. I had a girl that rode on my wheel the whole way and she would not let me stop to take many pictures as this was about them riding!
One small creek crossing was a huge hit and almost everybody made it across! But everybody got a little wet!
Oh yeah that felt good on this warm morning! (photo credit Jake7)
This was my group and as ive said before kids rock!
Jonathan here missed the group shot, but this guy had some real spirit! And that is a kid who enjoyed his ride!

Then it was off for my sons game which he scored a hat trick in. won 7-1

Took one of our dads on the team up to 3 sisters for some afternoon singletrack. Seeing these trails from a new perspective is always a good time! John did great and was diggin it!

Fall is hanging on but soon the leaves will be gone and the season will change for a while. But memories of this weekend will likely hang on for quite a while!

Thanks for checking in. Looking forward to beanfeSSt this coming weekend!

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