Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday afternoon delight!!

Trails to myself today! All myself- kind of an eery sort of alone-i forgot what solo rides can do for your mind. Not that i dont enjoy riding with folks. Just a different kind of joy.

dug in my pack for some summer sausage and found a flask that has been hiding in the bottom. just a sip of strannys to coat the throat and stomach with some of Colorados finest! fitted with a koozie to keep from getting scratched and jingling in my pack- thats why i forgot it was there! Not a huge accomplishment for some but descending 3 sis- i have a couple problem areas but not today! - cleaned that whole fucking thing! no dabs
did i say the trails were quiet
and free of snow - any snow
except for up high and even mt evans is looking pretty - not snowy- head down closed my eyes and thanked God for this day and opened my eyes and the sky was bluer and the trees greener.

was having a rip roaring descent down east side, really "feeling " the trail today - maybe cause i forgot a shammy- just me and a thin layer of camo. not very forgiving. Nice bull i found his partner scared the shit out of me as he ran right in front of me!

Ride details

Off to steamboat for hockey and maybe sneek in a run or two!

Watched a really cool show on PBS about ski history in Colorado you can see it in segments here.

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