Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixing it up!

Yah, rumors are true- i put some gears and a shiftie on the bar! I mean that is the whole reason i went with the el mar was options! SS / geared blah blah blah. im ridin bikes and that is one thing that makes me happy!

Even jerry aka: canyonrat is running a 1x9- of course he did in grande jerry style which included a new frame and new shiny parts!
HE didnt like the way it was shifting so he picked up his bike and threw it down the side of the mtn.! actually he took a pretty wicked tumble. luckily he was just banged up a bit.
Moots likes to hike at deer creek and once he hits the trail its on!
leashes suck!

Hit up falcon/ lair o bear with lubes
rode parmalee the wrong way.

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  1. Versatility is good. When a single assasin isn't enough there nothing wrong with bringing on some trained killers to help with the job.