Monday, October 17, 2011


This is a post about beans:

Found this bean in Chicago while there for Cody's tournament
Whilst in Chicago i missed this beanfeSSt! bummed about that! but hey- had to go to my sons first AAA hockey tourney!

No this beanfeSSt- Yep must be beanfeSSt there is snow on the ground! How is Pablo so in tuned with mother nature!?
(not sure whos photo this is but i borrowed it from beanfeSSt thread)

So i threw out an idea for a beanfeSSt V 2.0 (with Pauls blessing of course) not entirely sure it would happen on my end. And with a few PMs looking for a buffalo creek tour guide the stars aligned and V2.o was now a reality!

I secured the normal camp spot!
And apparantly some people find the need to shuttle buffalo creek?
Like i said - securing our spot!

So some Boston folks showed up for a night ride and some camping! and more riding! Although none brought any gifts they did bring that fun, loud and genuinely good guys attitude!

5:00 pm arrival

Quick bike build-
Ok so we had a beer while they built! But they had and hour to cook dinner, consume beers, navigate to BC all while Dave maxed out the diesel engine of the RV climbing up 285!
And shortly after 5:30 a crew was set for a night ride!
(photo credit mGe stolen from pbr :) )

Up the CT !
They were all fast on the downs!
What a stellar night to ride and star gaze!

Who designs a ride that ends with a climb! well... me! But a nice campfire and some beers made it worth it!

So feeling guilty about this i came up with a plan- i would drive their RV down to 543 so they could finish with nice long downhill and start the morning with that descent they earned the night before!

So after a nice big breakfast(with more beans in the burrito) i sent them on down with bobby and i would catch up to them. Caught them up baldy and we made our way up to Raspberry Ridge and black jack

They enjoyed the black jack- cant wait to see their helmet vids.

Bid them fairwell and bobby and i made our way back up morrison trying to stay in the shade -it was pretty damn hot!

See you at the t.i.t.s. ride!

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