Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almond Butter and Bacon Sandwiches!

I tend to not plan my food intake too much- its either Pay Day bars, old clif bars, usually mike n ike's but today- this just sounded Good!! and it was!! bacon with pretty much anything!

Sean and i ventured up to BC - some mud/ ice/ snow/dirt not necessarily in that order.

Scouted out a couple places for a short overnight bikepack tour.

It was like hero ice- almost grippy!

Some not so grippy!

But mostly everything north of CT was rockin

mud spattered grins was the late day theme

been heading up to 3 sis a bit- the weekly night rides on GM- full moon ride was a blast!

no takers for 3 sis last sunday- good thing i suffered alone
Breaking trail
no new snow but ripping winds all week made for a shitty day of hiking! Lost the trail on the west side completely- but all i had to do was look around and i was damn happy to just be outside!

ive been hearing there has been some good riding going on in the springs- hmm may have to get down there again! although i am looking forward to warm Red sand stone / slickrock / and a huge ass Milts Burger!! moab..........

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  1. Ahoy chum... been a while. Sorry to be a stranger, been busy with work and not able to make the tits (like I could keep up with you freaks of nature anyway)... weekends have been mostly riding with Schnauzers and a few others. Heading back down to Tejas next week, won't be back for a few months. Just wanted to thank you for the ride invites etc.