Monday, January 30, 2012

When in doubt - smile

3 sisters in the snow makes people smile!
who would not smile riding this bike!

michelle discovered the joys of riding snowpack singletrack!
so the approach was a little sketchy- thats what rocks are for!
t.i.t.s. night rides - good times!

bob just happy the ice did not take him down
Fat bob held this together and managed some trials moves to get back on the hard pack!
what is not to smile about being here
yep - smile
some hike a bike is good for the soul

ran into an old family friend - horses make her smile
ice flowing like lava over trails requires finesse and balance and if you dont have it- your ass hits the deck - hard!

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff, thanks for the invite. While that pace was probably murderously slow for you guys, it was just the ticket for me. I have a project that is going to keep me off the bike for the month of Feb... at least for the tits rides. Second week in March should be open though.