Sunday, September 13, 2009

lack of posts

little of this and a little of that lately:

A Friday night at BC a couple weeks ago sent us out to chair rocks on a full moon. Spike, av boy and myself had a nice 32 mile evening with a pretty brisk pace to get to chair rocks by sunset and we were treated to a fantastic sunset. Then over the shoulder a full moon rising framed by the chair rocks

The next tits ride was a thursday night at 3 sisters i got up later than planned but still got in a nice ride with some great people! (1st photo below taken by mateo)

next up was the Comba kenosha ride, later start than i wanted but wasnt in charge of that. A group of about 4 of us broke off and pretty much hung together on the climb up and everytime we stopped got chilled so we decided to keep climbing and by the time we got to the top of georgia pass it was snowing pretty good. So we headed back to the jefferson creek junction and debated on waiting for the group, just then the clouds cleared for a bit and some sun peeked through.

Always wanted to drop off this side and never have. What a kick in the ass! First off i was in the lead and trying to negotiate the trail and take in the views was not working! We rounded a corner to see these two guys wandering the tundra at about 11'000 feet wtf!?

after that it was all too good with a mix of smooth, rocky wet, dry, tight and fast singletrack all the way down. Hit one wet root and got my attention as i hit the deck but not too hard. With some stops and one of the longest flat changes (even longer than one of mine) we were rolling again. Lost my sunglasses on the last 3-4 miles I rode back a couple miles to find them and then a flash of light and a quick boom said it was time to get my ass going and the rain picked up and some more boomers even closer decided a pair of glasses was not worth it. High tailed it to the truck and got changed out of the wet gear.

living in colorado and the easy access to great places like this is truly something i am thankful for.

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