Wednesday, September 23, 2009

up sandywash was the route for lastweeks friday night ride. After this initial short grunt the rest of it was not bad. I actually like to reverse all trails at least once to see things from a different perspective and see the things im missing as we are usually flying the other direction.

Started with a posse of 13 and 3 broke off before the climb to head back to camp for beer and smoked salmon. tough choice there
sections of the new reroute are mmmm good going either direction

after this it was lights on and down buck with one stop for a quick run through on ejection techniques by Sean, no pics but judging by the condition of bike and rider looked to be a textbook run through! ;)
Thanks to Jerry for the post ride rehydration! It was another beautiful bc evening that we have come to know quite well this summer. Almost time to switch gears and start layering up for the colder and shorter night rides. But they will continue.....

Sun. was a spin up the highline canal while cody was in dryland before his scrimmage. just under 20 mi. dodging the masses out on the canal on everything from running, walking, biking, guy on skate skis who almost took my head off with his pole. No worries everyone doing their own thing and ejoying the day.

Looking forward to tomorrow night's ride on green mountain- hope this shittin rain stops long enough to dry the trails a bit for the ride. oh-well it is fall now.......

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