Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quebec and Beans

Littleton Hawks make it to the championship game for the Quebec Qualifier tournament. Beat Aspen 4-1 Now the Avalanche send the team to Quebec for an 11 day tournament in feb. What a cool experience for the boys!!

The clear pics below borrowed from mGe as he and his daughter came and watched

BeanFeSSt 09' After the first game on sunday i hustled up to Shinglemill TH where i found the group getting ready to head out. I quickly got dressed and was on the bike chasing the leaders. Hopping out of a hot truck with shoes under the heater the whole way up is a good way to start a cold ride. So down the trail a ways the group decided to split. Can't blame those that braved the weather camping and swilling the night before, for opting to head back and eat! I busted hard to get up there so i was down for more riding. 5 others were in. So we headed up to redskin and up gashouse down baldy and back up shinglemill. I was pretty chilled after baldy descent so i cranked hard up shinglemill and managed to stay warm. Riding surreal today, not sure if it was the weather or the desire to get back and watch codys second game of the day. Whatever it was i was full of energy and having a great ride!

Forcast looks pretty bleak for the rest of the week. Really hoping to get in on the pint 2 pint if they have it. t.i.t.s. rides have been lacking so, letting it rest for a bit.

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