Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stole one

Job was not ready till wed. so i snuck in a morning ride with mark. He'd never ridden 3 sisters before. So we expected to be a bit chilly but it really was pretty warm. Once we started climbing up dedisse it got plenty hot. I was sucking wind again as i'm still not even close to %60 oh well. Keep pedaling/walking/pedaling!

The new COMBA socks are here! Pretty cool with the CO flag as well!

MT. Evans in the distance as seen from atop Evergreen Mtn. (doesn't look like that at the time im typing this as its snowin hard out)
Playin on the rocks, damn kids
Yep as we loaded up the front was moving in and temps dropped quite a bit. But i just laughed as we got this one in today. Might be a little white and wet around for a bit. Hoping to get out to the beanFeSSt on sun. don't want to miss it this year. Night ride is prob. out but i've had my share of bc at night this summer. Sunday is always a good ride with good folks and some killer mexican food to finish to.

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