Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some random pics from past few weeks

These were my bunk mates for the 6th grade outdoor lab trip few weeks ago.

Getting their survival skills going

The Astronomy talk at outdoor lab is always very cool with great hubble pics as well!

My sons new favorite thing was in the boulder house! Now he's scouting out lines we could build in the house including an inverted section!

Low repel is always a challenge taking that first step back and trusting.
BC is finally becoming more rideable after a seemingly long winter up there! Yes it is greening up and the trails are in amazing shape!
from our t.i.t.s. ride last week
Build day on the double black diamond trial includes several drops like this one we were working on.
This mess was had after some of our trail crew leaders wanted to launch a boulder off the side of the mtn and hopefully have it fall into place where we could use it. Problem is this granite just breaks apart and makes a clusterfuck mess! After removing most of the boulders we started to gain some ground just in time for the day to near an end. This section was a hard one to be assigned to. There are many build days to get back and finish it on. Might be on a crew or someone else may take it on and come up with more than we could.

looking better already

Dave was testing out their section they worked on it was looking pretty damn good and he made it look way easier than it was!

Some 4:20 action at 3 sisters yesterday green trees, green snacks and nice and tacky trails!

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