Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is full on i believe

Have some work to be done in the next couple months.

including trail work on GM on the box o rox section. work in general is piling up and that is a good thing right now.

Have some plans for camping alot this summer

rode GM last week for a night ride and then a monday ride was headed to bc but other plans sent me to green mountain instead for a shorter afternoon.

Spent last week up at Id Ra Ha Je mountain lab school with my son and his 6th grade class. I was the only dad who bunked/chaperoned the 7 boys and was a great experience ( went with katelyn's class a few years back) and yes it snowed again not 4feet but it snowed.

Was a great time watching these kids who hardly ever get to the mountains learn some basics of outdoors and challenge themselves! Got to do some repelling, bouldering, challenge course, riflery, and archery. As well as night hikes and devotion time.

Pics to follow-

Today was spent riding BC finally some dry trail and a beautiful day! Blue skies, 29 to start but warmed up quickly! Very quickly. Rode with Jerry(canyonrat) and sean(av boy) and although we said would be a casual ride it felt like the pace was a bit higher, and it felt good! Maybe a thurs. night t.i.t.s. ride up thata way this week.

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