Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Grandmothers house we go

I had a plan to ride from waterton to this point ( somewhere near bailey) via the CT, based on my lack of much riding lately, one day a week maybe two. Thought that was a little more than i had in me. So i just opted to sleep in, and get dropped off in buff creek. It was hot and nearing 12:30

For a holiday weekend trails were pretty empty, i was pleasantly surprised. Climb up shinglemill felt great up to CT. I love the Colorado Trail!

This is where my big boy pants were starting to creep down, i headed to the right.

And rightfully so as i neared the top of the last climb i was waay underfed and not hydrated at all. Once i hit the road anything that tilted upward was just suckage! The washboard proved to be a bit jarring and actually popped my back and that felt pretty good!

The last of the steep roads and it is a longer one, totally doable on a 32x18 but here is where those big boy pants fell all the way down to my ankles and had the hike up shame up this hill. But that was soon forgotten as i crested and tore down the other side, oh one more hill but i could smell food and a frosty pbr from here so i stood on the pedals and drug my sorry but down the driveway!

To this place that is just as cozy as it looks!

Once fed, the fort building began put up main supports and they took over from there.

not too shabby

the point overlooking the river and a good place to think, thanks guys!

For a great weekend!