Monday, June 21, 2010

Not always about the ride

This was the first campsite, just finishing dinner when the local sheriff rolls by and says we gotta move, no signs but apparently no camping. Which was no easy task at 7:00 pm. everybody pitched in and we more or less loaded as tight as we were, with 4 people, 130lb. labrador, 4 bikes and gear, back into 4runner and off to find a new spot. Which turned out to be quite nice! Not next to the water and bugs!

Found a little bouldering to do as my kids are taking a liking to this. Of course cody has to have all the gear to go along. Today was a bike helmet and tennis shoes.

Always something peaceful about a campfire, unless there is stranny's being passed around! Not this trip though, rest and relaxation and exploring. And great food prepared by my wife.

Wet a line or two but caught nothing, except for a smile or two!

Victory! Not sure the rating on this one, he made it up alot easier than i
I got to sneak in a solo ride and it was much needed.

Last weeks, night ride was a rare tuesday and we headed up to idaho springs for some new to me trail. Well, we started on the old Waterline trail above the waterwheel. I used to run that in junior high for ski team training. Forgot how narrow and exposed that bit of trail is!

The crew! minus dan who apparently ducked out of the pic. Something about witness protection.

Our high point for the evening, 3.5 miles above squaw pass and at the top of Warren Gulch. Just in time for a little thundering applause for our arduous 4000' climb only to lose the same in 5-6 miles back to idaho springs!

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