Monday, November 22, 2010

Hit the local dirt today

Actually loaded up the truck and was heading to bc- but could not commit to an all day affair. came home headed out and rode some of the local path up to dirt. the wind was pretty much howling to the point it made trying to catch my breath a major challenge! i hate this shittin wind! almost bagged it but trails were empty and dry. a good combination. chose music today mainly to drown out the wind and give me some sort of motivation. Warsaw was jammin in my ears and a perfect groove for dipping and rolling trails.

Jeremy gave me a killer deal on his garmin and today was a test run just to make sure i am somewhat technically inclined i uploaded the ride just for fun. nothing huge but did find some new to me trail that will make it that much quicker to get to dirt rather than path. Nite rides from the house may start here now that winter is slowly showing up.

todays pedal

and i am now a bigger fan of smartwool!

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