Thursday, November 11, 2010

pint 2 pint III

Second pint 2 pint i have rode in, this time starting at IW
Pretty kick ass turnout around 95-100 folks came out.
I think this made Mike owner of Ironworks happy! He is a good dude who likes our biking community.
Not quite a police escort out of the parking lot but we sure were a spectacle. Everything from ladies riding singlespeeds in bathrobes to guys in wigs and the like.
The train up green mtn trail was full on!
I had a minor chain break which turned into a long process of removing more links and fumbling with replacing them. ugh! Skirting the red rocks on a day like today was awesome. It was pretty hot at this point.
Then a midway gathering took over the lower apex lot, which a mid ride beverage may have been consumed. Those that chose to just hop on the fire road and bomb the other side- missed the point of the pint 2 pint. The route was clearly posted and even mapped by mGe. But i guess for some people arriving "first" was the objective. I was in it for the ride.
Turned to my extra gear for a few sections that was my feet pushing the bike.

all in all a very cool day to be riding bikes. I want to thank my daughter katelyn for taking a whole evening and making up the awards for this event. She put alot of time into them and they went over very well! The ipa at GCB was going down smooth after the finish and a growler to take home which is still full at this point. May have wasted it.

Snow is trickling down today, no t.i.t.s. ride planned tonight but may just have to get out on some local stuff just to pedal.

this weekend is looking like some cold weather riding and the time to start hardening up the soul and getting out. 70-80 degree temps were not going to last forever!

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