Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another fine day at BC

Met up with Michael for a jaunt at one of my favorite places.
The climb up sandywash was about %70 ride %30 percent hike. But i just like this climb. as we discussed on the way up something about bc just grabs you and is always a treat. yah its 45min from home but growing up just miles away it always feels minutes away. and feels like home.

opted to hit the BD trail up to the high point, michael hadn't seen it and i figured it would be mostly rideable. meh, again about 70/ 30 but that 70 turned into 98 on the way down!
I believe this is one of my favorite vantage points up here. along with chair-rocks.

pretty nice day to be outside as the temps pushed 50+ on our way down and the fluff turned to spring like snow and made for some creative moves to keep ones bicycle upright.

Sully was a little peeved when i had to take my jacket

But he held down the office at home and took care of paperwork for me!

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