Saturday, January 1, 2011


No didn't go on a bender, more on that title in a few. Finally got to hit up the Ken caryl trails with a local and wow, that close and that much good stuff. I may have to become a "part time" resident of one of my customers.
Jeremy, Greg and I opted out of bc for a more local ride and glad we did! its always fun to ride new (to me) trails and there is some good climbing back there! and fun terrain. lots more to explore! some time

stole these two pics from Jeremy:

Nice !

Cody and i snuck away to Loveland for a day. workin nights isnt so bad as it frees up the days. Wind blows a bit at the top of the second highest chairlift in North America.

His second time on a snowboard and he was rippin it! my second day on snow as well and my tele turns were more like a slight raised heel and then a normal alpine turn. thats the nice thing about tele if you have to you can just make alpine turns. I was super sore from the day before when amber and i took moots on a hike at 3 sisters that turned into a trail run which was no problem for them but for my non running legs, more recovery time needed and less than 24 hrs was not enough.
oh well, still managed 15 runs made a handfull of decent turns and showed cody i can still grab some pretty big air for a 42 yr old.

Here is where Bender comes in- a little pond hockey tournament on new years eve at evergreen lake. There was a one day tournament for the younger ones. 8 & 9th is an adult tournament. So cody was one of the 5 "Benders" played 3 games in single digit temps and won all 3. That put them in the championship game and they brought home the 1st place hardware. Which was a stick signed by this years avs. well stick was awarded to one of our players who showed the best sportsmanship. so as in all pond hockey bragging rights are as good as any trophy.

They also do a skate the lake night for new years which we have done in the past and its a pretty good time. Yes our sweet 16 made it up with us as well. she is growing up and in the need of some wheels very soon. permit check- driving around now check- nervous dad check!

Beerd Belly Ride 2011! 1-1-2011
Jeremy is the only one that was rockin a real beerd this year!

Bluebird skies and single digit temps....mmm!

The annual belly shot! no wonder goat never gets cold!

nabbed one jeremy took:

Young man winter!

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