Sunday, July 24, 2011

I love Colorado but.........

But the beach is a pretty good place to chill......

Katelyn looks pretty well at home in CA

Sorry for the mangeled ear in the pic!
Congrats to my son for making a AAA hockey club- he got to be on the beach for his BD and got him a sweet longboard- i got to pull him along the boardwalk while he carved and looked cool. It was my training- normally he'd be pulling me! but his bd i cut him some slack! - Some well deserved family time! in one of our favorite places!

saw this guy every day on the boardwalk- (not my vid)- this is slow mo man.

Ate here alot! and we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant

next to casa bonita of course....

The usual t.i.t.s. ride 3 sis was a fun evening

Carey made it out on his folding bike- which he travels the country by motorhome while pretending to be working.

My payment for a light demo- sorry jay.... i'll reap the rewards you keep building a kick ass product!


  1. Looks like you had a good time in my neck of the woods Kevin. My Mariachi will be here Friday! Can't wait. Thanks for answering all my questions about it. You were super helpful.

  2. No problem! send me a pick when your done!