Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ode to the Burger!

Spikefest '11 -3rd year for me did not dissapoint!

I missed the early departure for the fridays pub ride- so i did my own short version. A quick jaunt from camp brought me to the top of boreass.

With probably some of the best trail i have shared with the el mar! Quiet- tacky goodness- and just plain ol solitude!

Then sat. comes with a shuttle up to kenosha- with some of the normal riff raff that i call my friends! And a few new ones as well.
e blazed on up in typical fashion- i believe he was able to melt away a few of the drifts - only to leave the biggest ones for us to slog through! But these are character builders. While pedaling is why we ride bikes - pushing your bike is also time well spent! Gives you time to think. I was working on a non hydrated body and less than fueled body. How do i ride to breck and still have 2 liters of water in my pack. This is something i need to work on.

PHoto credit lubes

From this point on it was head down and move forward- did i mention that i am having a blast - just pretty much stayed to myself and kept quiet.

As we rolled into breckenridge- nearly 4:00 pm i was starving! opted out of the normal beer toast and went for the coca cola- seemed to help. Then on to the swiss burger and some fries! This appeared to be the solution!

Rain drops come and go on the climb up boreass- but energy level on the rise!

Thanks to Spike for the invite and all who i get to share these adventures with!


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