Saturday, August 13, 2011

Choose your friends wisely!

I believe i have - mGe- aka mountaingoat- lets just refer to him as evil one.

It was all wheelies and smiles and highpoints!

With picturebook views that my point and shoot just doesnt capture. I was the camera crew and the film crew for the day. SInce i had the only one.

duhn duhn duhn........put on you hike a bike face.
Yep i had blisters and sore as hell feet- my footbeds were toast before this ride. And my feet killed but it did not take away from the views or the company. Luckily we found the 2elk lodge open and a friendly painter said go on in and fill up with water.

SOme views you just cant describe.

When the trail pointed downhill most of me was happy- lets just say i was hovering above the saddle.

One more wall to scale and we are on the mostly downhill slide.

But lets just throw in a bit more hike a bike.

Like i said some views are just worth all the work.

Was a good day with mGe, jerry, sissy, drew and joe!

The Modus fills the sky at the highpoint of the weekly thursday night ride.

Even though evil mGe- tried to rip my ear off he has still shown me more of the state i grew up in than i have found. There are many and you all know who you are that i consider my friends! Thanks for the adventures and weekly escapes! I also want to give some recognition to e another good friend who's attempt at this years CTR didnt quite go as planned, but i believe if he chooses to attempt next year will do just fine. He was on a kick ass pace and just had some bad luck.

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  1. Hey PBR... not sure my level of fitness will let me hang with you guys, but your tits ride(s) look awesome. I'll be moving up there in about 2 weeks, will be working in Greenwood Village. I'd love to hook up with you guys and learn some trail... as the new guy I suppose tradition dictates I provide cold frosty adult beverages. Hope to see you soon