Sunday, January 8, 2012

While the high country suffers

Trails down here stay snowpacked and fun! - With lots of foot traffic- comes ice!

Which demands a weighted rear wheel- penalty for standing- immediate loss of traction and a possible handlebar to the teeth. So leg power begins to build on days like this!

What is normally a routine switchback- becomes a move of finesse and strength.
LUbes homeade pogies

Couple days ago at Meyer - rides are not long -or a ton of climbing- but the fun factor outweighs all of that!

a 69'd out monkey does the job!

A little vid my daughter worked hard to make for me from the Beerd Belly Ride

Beerd Belly Ride 2012! from PBR on Vimeo.

thank you katelyn!


  1. Nice work on the video by Katelyn... camera work was a little questionable ;)