Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AZ came up short on riding!

Drove straight through on wed. morning left house at 4:30 am rolled into phoenix about 13hrs. later. Checked out Cactus bikes on thurs. morning for a map of South Mountain Park. Not a ton of help but pointed me in the right direction. Later start than usual but rolling none the less. Hot already! Makes me realize how lucky i am in colorado for the temps we have here!

This was day one of riding with day two planned for Friday, the more i rode the worse my rear hub got! Thought it was going to survive a couple more rides but not this time, didn't want to be stuck out in the desert pushing my bike in the heat!
Shot taken on the way down! Remainder of trip was spent watching Cody's team play against kids who play year round! Was some good down time and family time as well! Riding will be there, drove back through moab and hit a nasty wind and dust storm, then blowing snow with zero visibility! Snow quit just 2 miles south of moab, met up with andy chrysler in moab and met his family. Time to get back to work....ugh! Family decided we want to get back to moab within a few weeks for some hiking and some riding, this time take moots with us!

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