Sunday, March 22, 2009

Got ratted in the canyon today!

Canyonrat(jerry) and myself hit waterton>ct>to south platte>and back

He shows up on yet another new frame sheesh! I flatted after a creek crossing and a slow 15 min. change, one broken crank bros. multi tool, spectacular trail conditions with that smell of spring but also the smell of a dry forest combining. What is up with the riding up on the ct to lennys with either no helmet or it strapped to the pack?? We were also passed by an older couple on a tandem on the road while we spun out our singlegear bikes!

5hr. ride 35miles with 4260' of climbing

No riding shots, too much fun. Well the climb back up from the river was not much fun, I will climb that without stopping some day! Still earned a couple of these though!

Then it was off to see the second game of the day, ended up 4-0 for the tournament, was only a scrimmage tournament though. Off to play in AZ with the big boys next week end.

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