Wednesday, March 4, 2009

finally got in on a fifo ride (first in first out)

Met up scar, evil mge, dan and andy C. White Ranch at 5:00 am was the place to be. Alarm came way to early, but once up was not bad! Good dusty climb up belcher with breezy conditions and near 60 degrees, not bad for March! Came across a skunk, luckily he was a ways off the trail. Great way to start the morning, and finish it off with my son's hockey game which he scored the game winning goal with one minute left in the 3rd period! Good job son!

photo credit andy c. last 2

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  1. Twas the Bomb diggity riding with ya. Seeing the two bull Elk made getting up at 4:30am totally worth it. Planning another one Monday. I'll contact ya with the details.

    The Evil MGE!