Monday, December 14, 2009

Home from Fargo Tho!

Boys came home with some 3rd place hardware and a few injuries. 3rd out of 12 teams wasn't bad, and up there the boys can be 13 in this league compared to our 12 yr olds and that one year can make a big difference in size!
All in all 3 concussions and one broken clavicle on one of the boys. The hit involving the clavicle was a shitty cheap hit and that kid should have been kicked out of the tournament! Instead picked up a one game suspension for it. Cody came home healthy and played great really stepped up for this tournament. The game for third place was a good one and beat the Moorhead team 4-3 in a very exciting game! Picked up a new helmet and am just anxious to get out and ride. My back/shoulder blade pretty much hurts all the time even ribs on left side and i landed on my right side. Gonna see how it goes for a couple days and if not better. Get an xray.

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