Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skinny tyres and washboards

Yes, been on the injured reserve lately. Rollers in the family room just suck! Out on the road bike yesterday was really nice. Just a bit of a nip with the wind chill on the ear that i had to cover it with the beanie. Still tender to the cold. Prob will be for a long time. Felt good just to get out! Think i'm finally on the mends. back is still really sore but have to get through it, have no choice!

Headed up griggs for some dirt road and on up to the daniels park overlook. Always enjoy the views from up here. Walk to the edge and imagine the possibilities of all the singletrack that could be built down there! Washboards on the way down make for a total body shakedown! It'll rattle anything out of you! Now i know where to find all the empty aluminum cans i could ever want as this road looks to be where all the Keystone light cans end up! Litter bugs are lame!


  1. Dang bro, I'm glad to hear you're healing up after that nasty spill you took.

    I'm headed down to boulder today and I'm bringing my bike. I'll give you a shout and see if your up for a ride tonight.

  2. Kevin,
    good to hear you're back on two wheels.
    Cold temps serve as nature's ice pack - keep riding