Sunday, December 6, 2009

What was good for the soul :

Yesterday, Had to be good for the soul today. Started out a beautiful day headed to monument (sat.) to hook up with Joe and some of the crew from the south. Spike, Jeremy and Jerry joined me in heading down.

Tracked along in the snowy trail from mt. herman rd. rolling along chatting and feeling pretty good. Joe is the mt. herman expert and our tour guide for the day.

Tough getting clipped in with the ice build up on the cleats but we managed to roll pretty well.

Came down a really fun descent and came out on a fire road and began the climb. Got to our high point for the morning and took a breather. Next thing i know we are heading out and that is about all i remember from here the next couple hours were a foggy memory. I started down the tight rutted trail and unclipped once then clipped back in and found myself in the gut of the rock garden picked my way through and saw Kristian to my right shooting pics then thats all i remember.
Next thing i know someone has my arm and was walking me up the trail and i heard someone on the phone telling our location. I had surmised i had crashed by the blood on my sleeves and the concerned look on everyone around me. I felt suddenly embarasssed and tried to convince them i was fine and we should just keep going. That wasn't gonna happen. I dont know who all did what but i thank all of you and thank jeremy and spike for getting the truck. I honestly dont remember talking to the paramedics but found the form i filled out denying transport. I do remember seeing the truck. I guess i hit pretty hard because looking at my helmet today it is dented in the front and cracked near the back and wore off about a 1/4 inch of the foam just above my ear. Or what was left of the ear. I dont even know who took these but they were on my camera. Spike im guessing. Not sure why im smiling. Probably just embarassed. I know my technical ability and usually ride within it. It was just a rock garden and i guess i hung my front wheel up and went over from what they tell me. Kristian may have a pic just before the crash.

Photo by Kristian

I know it was just a crash with a bad outcome but i feel very lucky that my helmet did its job and my friends were there and took good care of me. I cant thank you guys enough. Trip to the er was long and seemingly lasted forever. Thanks guys for staying with me. When the nurse told me she could stick her finger through the hole in my ear that mad me a little queezy! Final outcome: concussion, 19 stitches in all 10 behind the ear and 9 in the front she did a great jog putting it back together! And super sore back, shoulder blade, Everything on my right side. somehow my left pinky finger swollen like a mfer! Fatter than my middle finger at the moment. I was super bummed i missed cody's game but glad im here to see more it could have been worse. My back is really sore and does not feel right i'm going to see how it feels tomorrow and maybe get it xray'd if not somewhat better.


  1. Damn dude, sounds like you took quite the spill! Glad you are alright. Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Interesting timing since I was just razzing you a few days previous for bailing on GM since you forgot your helmet!
    Again - glad you're OK - hope everything heals fast, and your back is OK.

  3. One day I'll teach you some techie skills. Nice carnage shot. Glad you're ok.

  4. Put fuggin fear in my heart dude. I'm glad it was no where near as bad as it looked. You probably gave the trail goddess enough blood in that one to last us all a few years. Heal up quick, I don't want this to be your excuse for not being able to keep up. ;)

  5. Whoaa! Nice to hear that you are "ok". That's the kind of sh*t that makes me NOT ever want to ride alone!!

    Gotta get out for a T.I.T.S ride again soon.