Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bikes r cool ride your bike

Yes i too have one of those bike with shifty things and some squish. Although the suspension on this is set up stiff and i think i even locked out the rear this day just for fun. Snow ride a while back .

Sunday proved to be shitty again around here so mGe, texts and said 5:30 meeting up and heading to pueblo. Dry? sure! the ney sayers on mtbr. pshhhh! not always right.

av-boy (sean) on his uhmm, lets just say a nice grey-ish bike!

Pedros point almost looks tropical- well, not quite but compared to lately its good!

The instigator and our pace leader. HE just keeps gettin faster. note to self: lay off the ice cream!

Jerry aka: Canyonrat on his new steed a Siren ss and she is a beaut! Seeing a theme here?

Good ol creek crossings are nice when its hot and not 30 degrees!

40 mi. for the day and we were all grins!

Short commute on the roadie this am and took a longer way home. So in the same month rode all 3 of my bikes in some fashion. But it always comes back to the steel 69er that i have grown to love.

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  1. Icecream is good...so is mint pie, cookies and beer...MMM...food, beer, ride, repeat. And I wonder why I can't get under 200 lbs. Oh well, at least I'm a little faster then I was last year.