Sunday, May 2, 2010

ahhh! Thats what im talkin about!

Finally getting over the crud! I was not bailing today! Not totally over it , but im over it!
Today was Jeremy's little plan, But we were just up there to ride a normal ride. Although i was tempted to give it a go.
Met up with Michael (velocipede Jockey) and Lubes We got off to a normal start time of 8:00 It was a bit chilly but we managed.

Ran into AV boy and he was looking strong, he had a bit of an early start then not long after ran into jeremy at about the 27 mile mark of his route of some 80 odd miles. You can read more here of the: first annual Spring Buffalo Creek Spiderweb Classic! We made it out to chair rocks today that had been foiled the two previous times due to weather.
Chair rocks
Kitty is looking really nice!

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