Monday, May 17, 2010

New bikes are sweeet!

Nope, i didnt get a new bike but take the bars off, grease. Install new bottom bracket, put new brake pads on and my bike is oh so quiet and smooth. Ive had a bar creak for about oh, 4 years. no more! Its stealthy other than my hard breathing!

No ask lubes what a new bike is like. He rolled out "high ho silver" today

Yes that is a 29er Lubes is just a big ol boy. Spike laying down the over/ under on when this frame snaps.

Snap?? why do you ask that?

" Seriously, once we crest that ridge the rest of the day is all downhill, no shit! "

Ran into ed and jj on the CT

Sean - why do my cranks feel wierd?
ON the way to the lost creek wilderness via the LEGAL rolling creek tr. up to the boundary

last one is dedisse from last week

Enjoy the world!

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