Friday, May 7, 2010

Lotb and some sisters

Hit up lair o bear on tuesday with lubes and we ran into too many toyz at the start. He geared up and joined us. He does not have much to say to me. Once we started climbing we parted ways and lubes and i stomped that climb like a bad habit! I pushed beyond the pain in some areas instead of giving in. It is slowly coming back and these climbs are helping. Once up top the winds picked up and clouds were moving in fast.

Never did see scott again, i guess he came up and bombed back down. All that suspension would probably be pretty fun! I hit the rock section and i froze up, dammit i dont get it. I have rode that section a bunch of times but was not feeling it. It is all in my head and i just need to ride that shit!

Thursday was a sublime ride with tacky trails at 3 sisters. Put foot down twice on sisters descent made the hard right by the rock that has pestered me the last few times.

Bike is ready for some new pads and bb is making some noise and getting some slop. Pads in and waiting for the bb to come in.

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