Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July- now the rides begin!

Late June brought full moon rides at BC on a t.i.t.s. ride. That left Jeremy and i out for a few hours with nothing but empty trails and the setting sun chasing us through the trees.

Another t.i.t.s ride found us at Georgetown on the cliffside trail- Silvercreek. Not the ride we planned due to booming thunder and a little too close lightning strikes!

Hit up Waterton, Indian Creek, Ringtail and back to the roxy loop with lubes and Sean this past weekend and ran into Jerry. Sean ducked out on a shorter loop. Next up Spikefest this weekend! SOunds like Goatboy is going to just "take it easy" and ride with us 55 milers. With a different finish this year that may require some more route finding it will be nice to hit up some new stuff!

Goat was with us in spirit today!

Lubes railin the ringtail
the mandatory roxborough shot!

Just have to plan right and eat as this is a big day for me at least with the little riding as of late. Nothing too big to prepare but the mind is ready and legs willing!

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