Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spikefests and chill rides

Spikefest turned up a couple moose on the way up this side of Kenosha!

Wildflowers going off in the high country!

My way of keeping the pace, jump in front and keep the tempo down!

Mt Guyot, which sits at 13,297 ' is always a good site that means that is one climb out of the way!

Mateo and spike hammering

The Great flume wall

Lubes on the scree

mateo on the beauty black sheep

Weather cleared off nicely, just an hour before this it was looking mighty grim with possibility of bailing in breck. But God said get back on your bikes and ride! That burger and beer never tasted sooo good!

Next up was an early afternoon off and taking the neighbors friends Ryan and Bryce up to BC for some XC riding. They tore it up! Bryce who is 19 stayed on my wheel on the shinglemill climb and i knew i was in trouble. At the saddle of morrison creek i gave him the lead and he proved to be a strong young rider.

Coming in from Missouri they LOVED BC and what is not to love you can be in the lush colorado trail then out in the open burn area with a variety of terrain.

Ryan who is 16 also had no trouble keeping the pace we ran today. They pushed this 41yr old around on a nice 25 ish mile loop

Great to ride with these two young men!

Then we were lucky to have a free condo in Steamboat for a couple days and got to ride with my good friend Andy who is finding a new way to live his life and whatever i can do to aid in this is ok by me! Especially if we get to ride together again! We chose to hit up the Mad Creek trail. New to both of us. A beautiful morning we had.

Nice gentle climb up with good conversation.

Up to the Mad Creek Cabin. We took off and headed up the trail taking a wrong turn which led us to another trail that will be explored at another time. Back to our intended route of going to the wilderness and back.

Turnaround point which was shitty because the trail ahead looked mighty good. But that is the way the government sees it - No Bikes in The Wilderness. Something that need to be changed.

Next up was up to the Red Dirt trail for our descent. Which no pics were taken just to keep it a secret. Well, no secret but just too much damn fun and no way im stopping to take pictures kind of descent!!

Yah, views suck!

The last few weeks have been great! With the 24hrs. in the sage not too far away it is time to put some miles in and start getting fit. The heat lately has zapped all motivation to ride at all. That is why i have lights i believe , just need to get out and pedal in the dark. Summer is speeding by and several rides i wanted to do, are looking slim to happen this year. Box O Rox is also on the backburner we need to get this project done sooner than later, but this heat is gonna have to settle down.

Get out and ride if you can and if not hit the trails by foot there is alot going on out there.

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